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MAC Girls Collection Summer 2017

by Tavia

Hello babes!

MAC Girls Collection is a new and limited release for summer 2017 which features six eyeshadow palettes. The new MAC Personality Palettes look really tempting and I have my eyes on Fashion Fanatic. I have to say it has been a while since I was excited about a MAC Palette, bu these look really cool. How about you? Are you tempted by the new MAC Girls Summer 2017 Collection?

Whether you’re a Rockin’ Rebel, Mischief Minx, Fashion Fanatic, Basic Bitch, Prissy Princess or simply, unapologetically Power Hungry, shout it out! Our new Personality Palettes are designed for you. Featuring eight Eye Shadows and a Highlight in fresh colours to express the power and presence of your personality. Make up, speak out. Show the world who you really are.


U.S. Launch Date – 3 August 2017 at NordstromMAC, ULTA

MAC Girls Collection Summer 2017

Basic Bitch Palette – Limited Edition – $39.50

  • Gameplayer – darkest black (Creamy Matte)
  • Hell in Heels – purpled dark red (Smooth Pearl)
  • Big White Lie – blackened grey (Smooth Pearl)
  • Text Me Later – mid-tone grey (Satin Shine)
  • Me Me Me – very light cool grey (Smooth Pearl)
  • Ms. Personality – grey with silver/green gold pearl (Satin Shine)
  • Tattle-tale – cool grey with pink pearl (Foil)
  • Sly Girl – grape purple with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Love This Bitch – silver pink highlighter (Opalescent)

Prissy Princess Palette – Limited Edition – $39.50

  • Prissy Princess – shell grey (Creamy Matte)
  • Sweet Tart – shimmery pale pink (Satin Shine)
  • Eternal Optimist – shimmery cool brown (Satin Shine)
  • Good Girl & U Know It – greyed neutral brown (Satin Shine)
  • Too Good to Be True – cool mid-tone brown with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Fabness – taupe grey (Smooth Pearl)
  • Spoil Yourself – dark brown (Creamy Matte)
  • Colour Me Spoiled – very light pink (Creamy Matte)
  • She’s a Rainbow – rose pink with silver highlighter (Opalescent)

Power Hungry Palette – Limited Edition – $39.50

  • Totally Obsessed – light neutral (Creamy Matte)
  • Bling Mistress – mid-tone neutral beige (Creamy Matte)
  • Hot to Trot – greyed beige with silver pearl (Satin Shine)
  • Something’s Fishy – muted golden beige (Foil)
  • Bossing It – warm bronze (Satin Shine)
  • Money Mad – peachy neutral beige smooth (Pearl)
  • Winsome Lose Some – dark brown with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Dangerously Elegant – darkened brown with green/gold pearl (Satin Shine)
  • Gimme That! – light yellow gold highlighter (Opalescent)

Mischief Mink Palette – Limited Edition – $39.50

  • V Frisky – muted gold (Foil)
  • Natural Tease – bright yellow gold frost (Foil)
  • She-nanigans – reddish copper frost (Foil)
  • Flaming Femme – darkened clay red (Creamy Matte)
  • Schemer – dark brown (Creamy Matte)
  • Mischief Minx – bright orange frost (Satin Shine)
  • Totally Trouble – blackened purple (Creamy Matte)
  • Been There, Done That – darkened brown with gold pearl (Satin Shine)
  • Stride of Pride – golden rose highlighter (Opalescent)

Rockin’ Rebel Palette – Limited Edition – $39.50

  • Blk-ish – navy blue (Smooth Pearl)
  • Bikers & Babes – teal blue with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Bleached Out – frost white (Foil)
  • Rockin’ Rebel – jade green (Satin Shine)
  • Gilty as Can Be – bronzed gold frost (Foil)
  • Denim Genes – cerulean blue (Satin Shine)
  • Mega-Moody – cool silver frost (Foil)
  • Bad Influence – dark grey (Creamy Matte)
  • Let It Rock – light gold (Opalescent)

Fashion Fanatic Palette – Limited Edition – $39.50

  • Shop Shop Shop – berry pink (Satin Shine)
  • Wild Card – dark purple (Creamy Matte)
  • Mad Mod – rose pink with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Fashion Fanatic – bright red fuchsia (Satin Shine)
  • Totally Fierce – peachy pink (Satin Shine)
  • Outfitted – light peach with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Style & Influence – creamy lilac purple (Smooth Pearl)
  • On the Hip Side – light cool beige (Smooth Pearl)
  • Must Have It – rose gold (Opalescent)


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genevieve July 31, 2017 - 8:18 am

It’s great to see MAC bring out collections of different colours and shades grouped together. This makes the whole collection more versatile. I hope the quality is there because with MAC you never know.


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