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MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Summer 2015 Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

MAC Cosmetics re-launches its Extra Dimension Eyeshadows that were previously released and makes them permanent products lining them up as MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Summer 2015 Collection. Take a look after the jump and select your favorite summer extra dimension shade.



U.S. Launch Date – 30 April 2015 online @maccosmetics.com | 7 May 2015 at MAC Stores

International Launch Date – May 2015 at MAC Locations

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Summer 2015 Collection

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow – Permanent – $20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN



  • A Natural Flirt
  • Ready to Party
  • Stylishly Merry
  • Smoky mauve
  • Rich Core
  • Grand Galaxy
  • Amorous Alloy
  • Havana
  • Sweet Heat
  • Stolen Moment
  • Silver Sun
  • Silver Dawn
  • Lunar
  • Fathoms Deep
  • Legendary Lure
  • Sea Worship
  • Dark Dare
  • Evening Grey

Enjoy more photos…


MAC-Extra-Dimension-Eyeshadow-2015-Summer-2 MAC-Extra-Dimension-Eyeshadow-2015-Summer-3

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN) (Permanent)

All of the shades below have been released previously, but these shades are now part of the permanent range.

  • A Natural Flirt
  • Ready to Party
  • Stylishly Merry
  • Smoky mauve
  • Rich Core
  • Grand Galaxy
  • Amorous Alloy
  • Havana
  • Sweet Heat
  • Stolen Moment
  • Silver Sun
  • Silver Dawn
  • Lunar
  • Fathoms Deep
  • Legendary Lure
  • Sea Worship
  • Dark Dare
  • Evening Grey

Availability: Online April 30th, 2015; in-stores on May 7th, 2015 (North America); May 2015 (international).

See more photos!

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow for May 2015
MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow for May 2015

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow for May 2015
MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow for May 2015

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow for May 2015
MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow for May 2015

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow for May 2015
MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow for May 2015

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53 thoughts on “MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow for May 2015

  1. I still have Sweet Heat,Havana,Rich Core! so happy that their make these lovely eyeshadows permanent. :) hope they’re have same quality as LE once

  2. Yes!! Now I can get the ones I missed from the Alluring Aquatics collection, the collection that sparked my interest in MAC. I will always regret not getting something from that b/c I loved the packaging. No other collection since has caught my attention again, but the Wash and Dry one is sparking my interest again. :D

  3. Finally!!! This formula is permament. A Natural Flirt is one of my favorite eyeshadows. Now if i could get the Skinfinish…
    Ani_BEE Recently Posted: Essence cosmetics All About Candies & Paradise eyeshadow palettes : Swatches & Review

  4. Bear-Bear

    Why no Modern Pewter MAC? :(

  5. Pearl

    Yay! I have been waiting to hear when and what about this year’s release. I’ve been hooked ever since Alluring Aquatic came out. I’m so glad they are permanent! It’s my favorite formula, even though the color ends up sheering out on me after awhile. I think I like the shimmer/metallic aspect of it and also the texture.

  6. Sarah

    YAYYY!!!!! Now just please please PLEASE bring back the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes, particularly Whisper of Gilt!! (Currently selling for $300 brand new on eBay!!!! O___O)

  7. OMG, YAASSSSS! This is awesome! I’ve wanted a few off the list, and now they’re PERMANENT! <3
    Shipra Recently Posted: LASplash Cosmetics Dutchess, Lady, and Evil Queen Studioshine Waterproof Lip Lustre Swatches and Review

  8. Jess

    Yay! Very excited they’re making the Extra Dimension formula part of the permanent range…I’m a big fan!

  9. The brown ones just look like really delicious pieces of chocolate!
    Whitney Recently Posted: Sephora Wishlist: VIB Rouge 15% Off

  10. Charlie

    YES!! For the past two years, I’ve fallen into a deep depression after these eyeshadows run out of stock. FINALLY THEY’RE PERMANENT!

  11. Andrea K

    THIS IS AWESOME NEWS!!!! I want them all!!!

  12. You can’t even imagine how happy I am that this is going to be a part of the permanent range. I think that the Extra Dimension formula is probably my favorite eyeshadow formula of all times and I just LOVE the effect that they give and how pigmented and buttery they are. I think that by them end of the year I’m going to own all of them ;)

  13. Charlie


  14. Ginny

    Awesome. Looking at Sea Worship, Silver Sun, Smoky Mauve, and Stylishly Merry.

  15. No Modern Pewter, Zestful, Just Gleaming, Platinum Love or Opalesse :(

    Still happy about the ones from last year’s summer collection, though!

    If only they could bring back the mega metals next! Those were AMAZING!


      And yes, that deserved all caps.

      • Oh – the Mega Metals were amazing. As much as I’m happy about a few of theses shadows, the Mega Metal formula was 100 times better than the Extra Dimension one. Oh, I’d love if they’d bring back the original ones of that Mega Metal collection (although Ego – the green one – was a bit disappointing but all the others were awesome).

        • You’d think they were a real dud, because they have never, ever rereleased that formula. Like I’m utterly confused how they determine what comes… and goes…

  16. YESSS I am so excited about this!! I wish they were re-releasing Lorelei — it was the only one I got from Alluring Aquatic but I love it so much I’d buy five more — but I’m so thrilled to see the other Alluring Aquatic colors that I can’t mind too much.

  17. I cannot wait for these to be released :-D

  18. Only eyeshadows? I was hoping for some face products as I have sworn off the EDES (not depotable and more expensive)

  19. YES! These are for sure MAC’s best products. The extra dimension is so rad!

  20. They finally listened!

  21. Am I the only one who’s not a huge fan of the Extra Dimension formula? I find it to be a bit flaky (both the blush and eyeshadows) when you try to pick it up with a brush. I do love the colors though, so I’d possibly consider buying more.

  22. Oh yeah! Permanent too:)

  23. Jane

    Finally! Great news!

  24. sodiumsugar

    Would have liked seeing Lorelei on the list. Still, SUPER excited! I’m going to have to grab some of these for sure.

  25. Excited to pick up some of the shadows I wasn’t able to grab from last year’s summer release. Although it’s a shame that packaging won’t be included! :)

  26. I have issues with their regular shadows, but some of these are so pretty I want to try them out. Just wish the closest MAC counter wasn’t over 30min away!
    Alice Recently Posted: Gavia immer x 3, common loon family.

  27. Nikki

    Ooh! I missed Sea Worship last time and regretted it. Might pick it up this time.

  28. I am SO happy that MAC is finally re-releasing them AND making them permanent. I have Havana from a few years ago and Sea Worship (one of the most beautiful eyeshadows ever) but so wanted to get at least 2 other shadows from that collection so I’ll be picking up Fathoms Deep and Legendary Lure as soon as they’re released.

  29. Lizzi

    OMG!!! They’re making the Alluring Aquatic one permanent?!? I’m still sore about missing some of those. !!!!!!!!!

    • I KNOW!!!! I’ve been saying this and whining and crying about it since the collection launched and sold out in the blink of an eye. They must have heard my whining! Permanent!!! How great is that?

      • Lizzi

        The only one I got was Silver Sun, my Nordstroms sold out of everything in the first few hours. And I love that one, but since I feel like it has to be used wet I’ve had to ration it out. Now I can pink up the other shades that are being rereleased. Too bad it’s not in that gorgeous packing again. ;-)

  30. Katherine T.

    I missed these when they came out. Sounds like people love these, will have to check them out.

  31. Rachel R.

    Oooh, Fathom’s Deep! I missed it the first time around. Glad it’s permanent. I need whichever one that berry shade is that the model is wearing in the photo.

  32. Oh DARN IT – Soul Serenade was the one I really, REALLY wanted and it’s not among this grouping! Oh well, I will console myself with Rich Core, Legendary Lure and Fathoms Deep. It’s a shame they didn’t also include Modern Pewter.

  33. Melissa

    That’s awesome news! Do you know if these eye shadows will be in the large or small size?

  34. Nikki

    The lack of modern pewter means I am an unhappy Nikki.

  35. Oh, how nice that they are permanent. I love the ones I have, form the Alluring Aquatic collection. Will be fun swatching these.
    I hope we get a review!

  36. kellly

    Yay! I love this stuff – the shiny finish is just what I love for an eye shadow! I can hear my wallet groaning already!

  37. How beautiful! Are they duochromes or single-tone shimmers?
    Allison Recently Posted: Tony Moly Peach Anti-aging Hand Cream

  38. This is awesome! I don’t see Lorelei from Alluring Aquatics last year though, and I lost that one somehow! Dang it! I’m upset with myself because I almost never lose anything! :|

  39. Valerie C.

    They look gorgeous! The pink tones look so nice!

  40. Some very gorgeous greys and blues there. Really pretty. Not seeing many greens. Oh well, the other colours are very pretty.

  41. Nancy T

    Permanent?!?!? Squeeeee!!!!! I missed out last summer, but thrilled for this MAJOR do-over! Oh…but my poor wallet!

  42. Meg

    Ooohhhh! I hope they do the same for the blushes, bronzers, highlighters and skinfinishes!!!

  43. CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING FROM [email protected]#?#[email protected]?#@[email protected]#R<[email protected]!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES!!!!!

  44. Damn…I thought I was done for a while after picking up 6 of the new UD shadows.
    I guess not….lol.
    I see at least 2 or 3 shades there that I will *have* to buy.

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