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Lise Watier Eden Tropical Collection for Summer 2014

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Lise Watier will launch this month Eden Tropical Collection for summer 2014, a beautiful collection in vivid colors of green, purple and earthy tones. The star of the collection is a new eyeshadow palette featuring 6 summer shades.


Go deep into the heart of a mysteriously exotic world to find a collection of lush colours that evoke the hues of a tropical paradise.


U.S. & Canada Launch Date – mid April to July 2014 @lisewatier.com

Lise Watier Eden Tropical Summer 2014 Collection

Eden Tropical Eyeshadow Palette – New & Limited Edition – $43.00

With its light shimmery finish, this eyeshadow palette contains summer’s must-have shades. The creamy yet powdery formula glides on for long-lasting hold in a passionate ode to the summer sun.

Eden Tropical Bronzing Powder – New & Limited Edition – $38.00

With its peach blush, this bronzing powder is the perfect duo to create a shimmering sun-kissed look with rosy, healthy cheeks.

Blush Creme Satin – New & Limited Edition – $24.00

This creamy blush glides perfectly and easily over the skin. The powder finish brings out a healthy glow, and the perfect dose of pigment helps create a modular look, from natural to intense.


  • Rose Eden
  • Coral Paradise

Hydra Kiss Colour Balm – Limited Edition – $22.00

This hydrating balm with a glossy finish creates sumptuous lips with the just right amount of shine. The retractable tip makes it easy to apply.


  • Rose Eden
  • Coral Paradise

Ombre Souffle Supreme – Permanent – $24.00

Four new magnificent shades have been added to the existing line of these silky, light-textured eyeshadows.


  • Prune Astral
  • Tinker Bell
  • Sortilege
  • Wonderland

25 HRS Gel Liner – Limited Edition – $25.00

Know for its fabulous liners, Lise Watier launches a new gel liner in deepest jet black. Goes on opaque with long-lasting hold. Apply it with the eyeliner brush for greater precision and personalized application.

Nail Polish – Limited Edition – $13.50

Two vibrant shades shares the spotlight to match your summer colour palette. The light-up cap and high-precision brush make application smooth and easy.


  • Rose Eden
  • Coral Paradise

Enjoy more photos…

Lise-Watier-Eden-Tropical-Summer-2014 Lise-Watier-Eden-Tropical-Palette-2014 Lise-Watier-Eden-Tropical-Bronzer-2014 Lise-Watier-2014-Coral-Paradise-Blush Lise-Watier-2014-Rose-Eden-Blush Lise-Watier-2014-Gel-Eyeliner Lise-Watier-Hydra-Kiss-2014 Lise-Watier-Eden-Tropical-Nail-Polish-2014

What do you lovelies think of this collection? Are you going to pick any of these products?

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