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LCN Phantasia Collection for Summer 2014

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

LCN presents its newest Phantasia Collection for summer 2014 which features a bunch of new colorful products like a rainbow after a summer rain.



International Launch Date – March 2014 at LCN counters and online @lcn-shop.de

LCN Phantasia Collection for Summer 2014

Nail Polish – New Shades – 8 ml

  • Crazy Blueberry
  • Coralicious
  • Phantasia
  • Raspberry Lollipop


  • Peaches and Cream

Eyeliner Pencil

  • Turquoise Gleam

Mascara Dragonfly

  • Cobalt Blue Wings
  • Love Affair

Special Mono Eyeshadow

  • Paint Your Life
  • Colour Your Dreams

Lip Gloss

  • Phantasia Swirl


  • Lavish Pink

Highlight Cream – New – 30 ml

  • Ultimate Glow

Cooling Lip Plumper – New

  • Lips to Kiss

Phantasia Trendset Makeup – New & Limited Edition


  • Colour Your Dreams Special Mono Eyeshadow
  • Paint Your Life Special Mono Eyeshadow
  • Dragonfly Mascara in Cobalt Blue Wings
  • Dragonfly Mascara in Love Affair
  • Turquoise Gleam Eyeliner Pencil
  • Lavish Pink Lipstick
  • Peaches & Cream Blusher
  • Lips to Kiss Cooling Lip Plumper
  • Ultimate Glow Highlight Cream
  • Phantasia Swirl Lip Gloss
  • Trendy Bag

Armband – New

  • Orange
  • Coral

Enjoy more photos…



LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Display LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Collection LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Collection-1 LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Collection-2 LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Collection-3 LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Collection-4 LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Collection-5 LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Collection-6 LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Collection-7 LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Collection-8 LCN-Phantasia-Summer-2014-Collection-9

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1 comment

Gena March 28, 2014 - 6:17 pm

I would really, REALLY like to get my hands on Love Affair mascara! I live in California, and I don’t know where I can buy it. I tried to translate the page into. English, as I neither read nor speak German, but couldn’t get it translated all the way; I cannot even find out if they ship to US. I’m not giving up, though! The whole collection is really pretty. 🙂


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