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Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer Fall 2015 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

If there is one lip product that got my attention in the next season that’s definitely the new Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer which will be launched along with the new Armani Luminous Silk Compact Foundation (sneak peek, photos). Its new formula is moisturizing and hydrating like a lip balm while delivering an intense color and a shiny finish. Such an Ecstasy Lacquer that promises 8 hour wear long lasting formula, non-sticky gloss and a vibrant color is surely hard to resist to. I see purples, pinks, nudes and reds so my wishlist is getting bigger and bigger while my wallet will be getting thinner and thinner. Don’t forget also to check out the upcoming limited edition Giorgio Armani Runway Fall Winter 2015 Collection (info, photos).



Japan Launch Date – 16 September 2015

International Launch Date – August 2015

Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer – New – € 32.50


  • 200 Night Berry (metallic effect)
  • 201 Leather (varnish effect)
  • 300 Tangerine (varnish effect)
  • 302 Amber (metallic effect)
  • 400 Four Hundred (varnish effect)
  • 401 Red Chrome (varnish effect)
  • 402 Red-To-Go (lacquer effect)
  • 500 Vintage (metallic effect)
  • 501 Uptown (varnish effect)
  • 502 Boudoir (metallic effect)
  • 503 Fatale (metallic effect)
  • 504 Pink-Out (metallic effect)
  • 505 Crescendo (varnish effect)
  • 506 Maharajah (metallic effect)
  • 600 Adrénaline (metallic effect)
  • 601 Plum Vinyl (varnish effect)
  • 602 Vertigo (varnish effect)
  • 603 Night Viper (varnish effect)

Enjoy  more photos…


giorgio-armani-ecstasy-lacquer-2015-fall-2 giorgio-armani-ecstasy-lacquer-2015-fall-3 giorgio-armani-ecstasy-lacquer-2015-fall-4 giorgio-armani-ecstasy-lacquer-2015-fall-5 giorgio-armani-ecstasy-lacquer-2015-fall-6 giorgio-armani-ecstasy-lacquer-2015-fall-7

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