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Essie Neon 2015 Summer Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!


Who doesn’t wanna get a sneak peek at summer offerings keep away from this article as I will show you the upcoming Essie Neon 2015 Summer Collection. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this new summer nail polish line in person as it is something unique for Essie since it features 12 new shades in the same collection. Something quite out of the ordinary if you ask me as Essie usually didn’t offered more than six shades so I’m happy they enlarged their summer nail line and decided to add more vibrant colors.


International Launch Date – TBA

The first six shades of coral, red, lemongrass green, white and aquatic shades seem more peaceful than the others and are inspired by a weekend at the Hamptons, your own private gateway for summer days.

The other six shades are right up my alley since I already have my eyes on the pink tones but I will not stay away from that beautiful turquoise or purplish blue. I don’t have a launch date yet or the names of these lacquers but nonetheless it was nice to get a quick peek and see what summer will bring for Essie. I would say we are in for a treat as they are plenty new nail shades to choose from.

Enjoy more photos…

Essie-2015-Summer-Neon Essie-Neon-2015-Summer


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