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Essence Spring Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Essence Spring Summer 2017 Makeup Collection is going to hit the counters next week so check out all the new and permanent products that are going in. There is quite a variety or products, plenty to choose from and I have my eyes on a couple of palettes and lip products. How about you?


Essence stands for trendy, unique and high-quality cosmetics products! As of February, the spring/summer season is about to become even more attractive with lots of must-have products that are joining the essence range. Cool looks with a wow-effect are guaranteed!


International Launch Date – February 2017 at @kosmetik4less.com

Romania Launch Date – March 2017 at Prestige Boutique and online @boutique-produsecosmetice.ro

U.S. Launch Date – March 2017 at ULTA

Essence Spring Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

My Must Haves Palette – New & Permanent

4-colour and 8-colour palettes are waiting to be personalized. There are 20 eyeshadows, five blushes and three lip powders to choose from – with various effects. Also included: a pink lip base for the lip powder, a highlighter and a bronzer as well as fixing powder. Simply select your favorite products and use the special click-mechanism to place them in the multi-functional palette.


  • Go Goldie!
  • All I Need
  • Miss Foxy Roxy
  • Brownie Licious
  • Cotton Candy
  • Raspberry Frosting
  • Mauvie-time!
  • Peach Party
  • Chilly Vanilly
  • Apricotta
  • Stay In Coral Bay
  • What a Mint?
  • Snoflake
  • Purple Clouds
  • Have a Nice Day!
  • Dare to Wear!
  • Tiffunny
  • Black As Berry
  • Steel the Show
  • Black is Back

Blushes & Powders

  • Let It Glow (Highlight Powder)
  • It’s Berry Time (Matte Blush)
  • Cosy Rosy (Matte Blush)
  • Coral Dream (Satin Blush)
  • Strawberry Smoothie (Satin Blush)
  • Rosy Glow (Satin Blush)
  • Fix It, Baby! (Fixing Powder)
  • Hello Sunshine (Bronzing Powder)


  • All About That Base (Lip Base)
  • Dare to go Nude (Lip Powder)
  • Take the Lead (Lip Powder)
  • Set the Stage (Lip Powder)

The Cushion Eyeliner – New & Permanent

Cushion: the mega trend from Asia! The integrated sponge is soaked with a highly pigmented eyeliner texture and dispenses just the right amount for perfect eyeliner styles – no matter whether you’re going for accurate lines or cool cat eyes.

  • 01 Black

Totally Me! Eyeshadow Top Coat – New & Permanent

This topcoat adds a golden or silver shimmer to any eyeshadow for a unique touch.

  • Dazzle Me!
  • Sparkle Me!

Volume Stylish 18h Curl & Hold mascara

The creamy black texture with micro styling waxes provides the lashes with long-lasting volume and incredible curl.

Volume Stylish 18h  Lash Extension Mascara

The diamond shape of the brush contains lengthening fibers to create long, full lashes.

Lash Princess Sculpted Mascara

Dramatic volume or defined lashes – the new mascara with a special tapered brush can do both and sculpts the lashes individually.

Eye & Face Palette – New & Permanent

Colour-coordinated eyeshadows, a blush and a highlighter turn these two palettes into absolute it-pieces for the eyes and face.

  • Glow for It
  • Rise and Shine

Hi! Lighting Eyeshadow Mousse – New & Permanent

The mousse texture with a cooling effect is sure to make the eyelids shine like the stars.

  • Hi! Ivory
  • Hi! Peaches
  • Hi! Rosy
  • Hi! Mauve

I ♥ Strobing Highlighting Eyeshadow Base – New & Permanent

Applied solo or underneath eyeshadow: the new base creates a gorgeous shimmer to make any look shine.

Strobing Highlighter Stick – New & Permanent

The practical pen is ideal for accentuating the raised features of the face or creating a radiant, all-over glow.

  • 10 Light Up Your Life
  • 20 Glow Up Your Life

Light Up Your Eyes! Inner Rim Eye Pencil – New & Permanent

The pencil in matt white and rosé can be used to brighten the eyes along the waterline or as a highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes or underneath the arch of the brows.

  • 01 Cloud Dancer
  • 02 Peachy Day

Rainbow Prismatic Glow Highlighter – New & Permanent

The powder in rainbow colours creates an iridescent, multi-coloured prism-glow on the cheeks.

  • Be a Unicorn

2 in 1 Highlight & Contouring Stick – New & Permanent

Contouring and highlighting is as easy as child’s play with the practical duo stick thanks to its creamy-powdery texture.

  • 10 Blondie
  • 20 Brownie

BLUSHplay Sculpting Blush Palette – New & Permanent

Applied individually, the perfectly aligned blush shades are ideal for contouring, but they can also be mixed and matched for a fresh look.

  • Play It Peach
  • Play it Pink

Sculpting Eye Pencil – New & Permanent

The dark colour is ideal for the lash line and for contouring the lid. The light colour is perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eye and the waterline.

  • Black to White
  • Peach for Chocolate
  • Grape a Rose

Instant Matt Make-Up – New & Permanent

The smooth texture with a medium to high coverage and mineral powder pigments mattifies the complexion for up to 18 hours – and feels wonderfully light on the skin.

  • Matt Ivory
  • Matt Sand
  • Matt Vanilla

Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer – New & Permanent

Long-lasting and highly pigmented, the liquid-creamy texture reliably covers-up dark circles under the eyes and other skin irregularities. For a natural, wide-awake look.

  • 05 Ivory
  • 10 Nude

Luminous Matt Bronzing Powder – New & Permanent

The matt bronzing texture with a silky-shimmering core creates a subtle, sun-kissed look.

  • Sunshine
  • Sunglow

All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder Waterproof – New & Permanent

A flawless complexion – even on humid days – is not a problem with this water-proof, transparent powder

Colour Correcting Sticks – New & Permanent

The pens with a creamy, gel-like texture offer just the right solution for every type of skin problem.

  • Say No to Dull Skin
  • Say No to Dark Circles
  • Say No to Dark Spots
  • Say No to Redness
  • Say No to Tired Skin

Colour Correcting Liquid Concealer – New & Permanent

The creamy-liquid texture has a light cooling effect and neutralizes all kinds of skin irregularities. To be applied underneath concealer.

  • 10 Pastel Pink
  • 20 Pastel Yellow
  • 30 Pastel Green

Style Your Lashes! Mascara Brush Set – New & Permanent

Use your favorite mascara texture with a choice of brushes! Each set contains four fiber or four elastomer brushes to achieve various effects: volume, length, definition or curl. Reusable: simply clean the brushes with make-up remover, leave to dry and use over and over again!

  • 01 Style Up Your Way
  • 02 Lash Up Your Way

Cooling  & Relaxing Eye Pads – New & Permanent

Thanks to these cooling eye pads with a cucumber design, tired eyes are a thing of the past! Simply store in the refrigerator for a few hours, place on the eyes and relax.

Micellar Water Wonder Water – New & Permanent

The allround talent removes waterproof make-up, excess sebum and cleanses impurities of the skin – for clean, refreshed skin in a flash. In a practical 50 ml size.

Camouflage Brush – New & Permanent

The rounded shape of the brush with a high fiber-density makes blending creamy and liquid textures or camouflage creams as easy as child’s play.

Instant Matt Make Up Setting Spray – New & Permanent

The light, transparent spray – enriched with a natural complex of active ingredients – mattifies the skin, sets make-up in place and makes it last longer.

Style Your Brows! Eyebrow Tool Kit – New & Permanent

This mini-set contains everything needed for brows on fleek: tweezers, a brush and a comb in a mini format – ideal for any handbag.

Colour Boost High Pigmented Nail Paint – New & Permanent

The highly-pigmented nail polishes in trendy pastel and intensive colours ensure summery nail styles! The shiny formula has a high coverage and offers a smooth finish with just one application.

  • Instant Friendship
  • Instant Fun
  • Instant Kiss
  • Instant Love
  • Instant Summer
  • Instant Happiness
  • Instant Feeling
  • Instant Party
  • Instant Passion
  • Instant Adventure
  • Instant Match

Out of Space Stories Nail Polish – New & Permanent

Holographic, iridescent and metallic nail polishes in bright colours ensure a trendy prism-effect.

  • Outta Space is the Place
  • Space is the Place
  • Space Glam
  • Beam Me Up!
  • Intergalactic Adventure
  • We Will Spock You
  • 1000 Lights Years Away

Glow & Care Luminous Nail Polish – New & Permanent

The new nail polish range strengthens and protects the nails. It also creates a soft glow with light shimmer effects. Contains kukui oil.

  • Care Is In The Air
  • Go for Glow
  • Shine On
  • Happy Girls Shine Brighter
  • Love and Care
  • Berry Caring
  • Keep Calm and Glow On

French Manicure Perfecting Nail Polish – New & Permanent

A soft shimmer and subtle French white make the nails look beautifully groomed and natural.

  • 01 Let’s be FRENCHs

Glamaxy Top Coat – New & Permanent

The top coat with multi-coloured particles reminiscent of cellophane creates cool space nails.

  • 34 Glamaxy far, far away

Granite Rocks! Top Coat – New & Permanent

Applied on moist nail polish, the new top coat creates a marble finish. Works best with light nail polish colours.

  • #insta-gran

Crushed Glass Manicure Stickers – New & Permanent

Apply the self-adhesive, light-reflecting stickers on polished or unpolished nails for a crushed-glass manicure.

  • 01 It Pieces

Stand Out! 3D Touch Manicures Stickers – New & Permanent

Simply place the sticker on the nail and apply nail polish on top to give the nails a trendy 3D effect in designs such as knit patterns and tribal variations.

  • Stand Out from Crowd

Totally Me! Stick a Message Accessory Stickers – New & Permanent

The stickers can be used to decorate all your favorite beauty products with cute messages.

  • Cool to Stick
  • Sweet to Stick

Anti Nail Bite Nail Polish & Top Coat – New & Permanent

The bitter taste of the nail polish helps to prevent nail biting to ensure long and naturally beautiful-looking nails. For use as nail polish or as a top coat.

All In One Ridge Filler – New & Permanent

The base coat evens out ridges and irregularities, strengthens the nails with its keratin ingredients and makes the application of colour nail polish easier than ever.

SOS Protect & Resist – New & Permanent

The protecting base – enriched with natural ingredients like white tea and tangerine oil – improves the resilience of nails.

Totally Me! Creative Tip Painter – New & Permanent

Create unique nail styles with the tip painter in silver and gold.

  • Totally Rose Gold
  • Totally Silver

Honey Care Smoothing Nail & Cuticle Scrub – New & Permanent

The peeling with honey gently removes residues and has a mild smoothing effect. Ideal to prepare the nails for a manicure.

Honey Care Moisturizing & Caring Hand Cream – New & Permanent

Enriched with honey, the hand cream provides intensive moisture, and regenerates and protects the hands as well as the nails. With a light honey fragrance.

Honey Care Regenerating Nail & Cuticle Mask – New & Permanent

The regenerating nail mask is enriched with pampering honey to soften the nails and cuticles.

Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss – New & Permanent

The smooth, supple texture creates an extreme shine with a wet-look effect on the lips. From nude nuances to intensive colours to prism glow effects.

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Smile, Sparkle, Shine
  • Friends of Glamour
  • Flirt Alert
  • So Into It!
  • Bright On!
  • Happiness In a Bottle
  • Indie Romance
  • One Woman Show
  • Dress Up Your Lips!
  • For a Night Out
  • Runway, YourWay
  • Red Carpet Scarlet

Water Kiss Glossy Lip Colour – New & Permanent

The water-based texture feels pleasantly light on the lips and creates a wet-look effect with medium colour-intensity.

  • Deep Sea Love
  • Mermaid Diary
  • Aquatic Chic
  • Underwater Beauty
  • Ocean Girl
  • Hydro Star

Ultra Last Lipliner – New & Permanent

The soft lipliner with an intensive colour-dispersion is waterproof and lasts up to six hours.

  • Lavender Blender
  • Brick Dust
  • Wine Lips
  • Fuchsia Romance
  • Rosewood High
  • Lilac Season

Fade Your Shade Lipstick – New & Permanent

As a topcoat, the white and black-red lipstick blends and fades the lipstick colour to create a trendy ombré or “bitten lip” effect with a matt finish.

  • 01 Washed Away
  • 02 Ombre Parfait

Totally Me! Mix & Match Lipgloss – New & Permanent

The tiny lip glosses can be worn solo or mixed and matched.

  • Mysterious Girl
  • Heaven on Earth
  • Fired Up!
  • Sunshine She’s Here
  • Not So Innocent

Sheer & Shine Prisma Glow Lipstick – New & Permanent

The extremely soft formula of the lipstick feels wonderfully light on the lips and provides a fantastic sparkle. What makes it so special: the subtle shades are iridescent and shimmer differently depending on the light.

  • Dark Deception
  • Maroon Gloom
  • Pink Paradise

Metal Shock Lipstick – New & Permanent

The creamy lipsticks let the lips shine in intensive wow-colours with a metallic effect.

  • Iron Maiden
  • Guns’n Rose
  • Ace of Hearts
  • Pink Metallica
  • Purple Pistol
  • Stargazer
  • Venom
  • Toxicity

Matt Matt Matt Vibrant Shock Lipstick – New & Permanent

The new lipsticks ensure silky matt lips in edgy colours.

  • Rockin’ Princess
  • No To Mainstream
  • Rave It Up!

Make Me Matt Lip Top Coat – New & Permanent

The top coat gives any lip look a silky matt finish without drying out the lips.

  • What’s the Matt-er?

Enjoy more photos…

Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-1 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-2 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-3 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-4 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-5 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-6 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-7 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-8 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-9 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-10 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-11 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-12 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-13 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-14 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-15 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-16 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-17 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-18 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-19 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-20 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-21 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-22 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-23 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-24 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-25 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-26 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-27 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-28 Essence-Spring-Summer-2017-Makeup-Collection-29

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