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Essence Road Trip Summer 2014 Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Essence launches next month Road Trip Summer 2014 Collection, a new limited edition makeup collection which contains quite a few useful items to take with you if you are on the road this season.


Beauties on the road! Summer is the time to travel, so Essence is packing its bags and getting ready to spread the fun feeling of the legendary Route 66 with its new trend edition “road trip”. Every girl is sure to love the practical duo and mini products that are coming along for the ride. A warm color scheme consisting of yellow, pink, burgundy, beige and blue guarantee plenty of fun on your next trip. In addition to cool duo pieces like eyeshadow & eyeliner and blush & highlighter, the highlight products include the allround balm and dry shampoo – absolutely essential beauty tools when you’re on the go. This summery trend edition is perfectly complemented by the travel bag, which offers lots of room for anything you might need on your beauty journey. Let’s head out into the big, wide world… with essence!


International Launch Date – July 2014 exclusive to: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Morocco, Libya, Iran, Bahrain, Palestine, Algeria, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Bangladesh and Paraguay.

Romania Launch Date – July 2014 at Douglas, Auchan, Marionnaud and local drugstores and beauty shops

Essence Road Trip Summer 2014 Collection

Eyeshadow & Eyeliner – New & Limited Edition – €2.49

Duos on tour! One side is a shimmering eyeshadow, the other a creamy eyeliner – this 2in1 product in beige-blue and pink-burgundy guarantees exciting eye make-up styles! For all globetrotters who want to stand out from the crowd.

  • 01 Highway to pretty
  • 02 I don’t care! i love it!

Mini Sheer Lipstick – New & Limited Edition – €1.99

Perfect when you’re on the go… this mini lipstick! These tiny sticks with a medium coverage color your lips and make them feel wonderfully smooth with a velvety finish!

  • 01 Hit the road, red!
  • 02 My sweet escape

Allround Balm – New & Limited Edition – €2.99

Hit the road! A multitalent that pampers lips, hands and nails as well as elbows and feet! This little helper can be applied on any dry areas of skin, making it ideal for your road trip.

  • 01 Young, wild, awesome

Blush & Highlighter – New & Limited Edition – €3.29

Double action! This duo consisting of blush and highlighter creates a gorgeous, fresh complexion in a flash! Its soft texture blends easily to give your complexion a rosy blush and a beautiful shimmer.

  • 01 Highway to pretty!

Nail Polish – New & Limited Edition – €1.79

Nails on the go! Colors and effects are an absolute must for your nails – even when you’re travelling! Four different colors are ready to hit the road in burgundy, beige, blue and pink with four different effects: leather, asphalt, gasoline and thermo! For unique street styles!

  • 01 Hit the road, red!
  • 02 On the road again
  • 03 I don’t care! i love it!
  • 04 My sweet escape

Styling Set – New & Limited Edition – €3.99

Have a good trip, girls! The styling set offers everything you need when you’re on the road: a small blush or powder brush, an eyeshadow and eyeliner applicator and tweezers. Since it all comes in a practical zipper bag with an integrated mirror, you can touch up your look – any time and any place.

  • 01 Adventure is out here

Deo Wipes – New & Limited Edition – €1.29

Refresh… these deodorized wipes make you feel nice and refreshed in seconds! Thanks to their practical size, they are ideal companions when you’re on the go! The re-sealable pack contains 15 deo wipes.

  • 01 Let’s go get lost!

Dry Shampoo – New & Limited Edition – €2.99

Summer trip! Here comes the perfect companion. With this dry shampoo you can quickly refresh and restyle your hair – without the need for water! Simply spray onto your roots, brush out and you’re done!

  • 01 Got my ticket to ride?

Travel Bag – New & Limited Edition – €3.29

Fill the bag… this practical folding bag with a cool map design and “road trip” lettering is super-versatile. You can use it to store your cosmetics, laundry, shoes or as a travel companion for all occasions.

  • 01 I’m going to travel the world

Enjoy more photos…

Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-1 Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-2 Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-3 Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-4 Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-5 Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-6 Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-7 Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-8 Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-9 Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-10 Essence-Summer-2014-Road-Trip-11

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