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Essence #mymessage Twinkle Holiday 2015 Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!


Shine bright like a diamond – with “twinkle”! In November 2015, a new star is joining the “#mymessage” fragrance range in keeping with the emoticon trend. The little icons have become indispensible in communication as they describe emotions quickly and vividly. The new powdery-floral “twinkle” fragrance lets all girls shine, and the star emoticon shows the world exactly how they feel: full of dreams and excitement. #timetotwinkle – with essence!

The new “twinkle” fragrance was developed in collaboration with internationally renowned French perfumers. The packaging design has been created with a great love of detail with highlights in rosé gold and a large star icon in an App-like look, which also adorns the premium glass flacon.


International Launch Date – November 2015 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Essence #mymessage Twinkle Holiday 2015 Collection

Be a star! “twinkle” is romantic, floral and powdery – like a being from another star. Fresh and fruity, the headnote includes bergamot, peach and white pepper. Freesia, lily of the valley and fresh jasmine add a floral component in the heart note while white cedar wood, vanilla and musk give the basis a pleasant, powdery touch. This eau de toilette is dominated by light elements, which ensures a wonderfully airy, dreamy scent to bring out the star in all beauties. Keep on dreaming. Available in 30 ml.

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