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Dolce & Gabbana PassionEyes Waterproof Mascara 2016

by Tavia

Hello babes!

Just in time for summer Dolce & Gabbana will release PassionEyes Waterproof Mascara available in two colors. The new Passioneyes Waterproof Mascara is the first mascara by Dolce&Gabbana resistant to water, tears, humidity and hot weather. Its naturally derived, advanced formula creates dramatic volume and feminine curl, with a lightweight feel.

I’m definitely curious about this new D&G waterproof mascara that promises an advanced smudge-proof formula that is easy to remove and not to mention that you won’t need a lash curler ever again. Is that all true? 🙂



International Launch Date – April 2016

Dolce & Gabbana PassionEyes Waterproof Mascara

Women seeking a smudge-proof mascara resistant to water, tears, humidity, hot weather and impeccably curled lashes with bold volume.


  • 1 Nero
  • 2 Terra

Enjoy more photos…

Dolce-Gabbana-Passioneyes-Waterproof-2016-Mascara Dolce-Gabbana-Passioneyes-Waterproof-2016-Mascara-Visual




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