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Deborah Milano Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

This season Deborah Milano awaits you its new Spring 2016 Makeup Collection in stores. Six new Smokey Eye Palettes in playful colors are waiting to be discovered. I actually got two of these new colorful palettes back in December and I had time to test them for a while so I’ll be posting individual reviews later this week. In the meantime you can take a look at my preview article and see what shades I have. Everybody knows by now that pinks, purples and nudes are my thing so I got exactly my favorite shades. Each Deborah Smokey Eye Palette hosts 5 eye shadows with different textures, so you will find matte, pearl, satin or metallic finishes.



Romania Launch Date – February 2016 for Smokey Eye Palettes | March 2016 for Mascara & Concealer at Kendra, Debenhams and Carrefour.

Deborah Milano Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

Smokey Eye Palette – New Shades – 53.00 Lei

Dress Me Perfect Liquid Concealer – New – 38.00 Lei

Liquid Concealer that minimizes skin imperfections. The creamy formula blends perfectly with the skin, avoiding the undesirable mask effect. “Soft focus” microspheres change the light refection angle, creating an optical blurring effect. The result is a luminous, firm, dark circles diminished complexion.

  • 01 Light Beige
  • 02 Light Rose
  • 03 Apricot

Love My Lashes Mascara – New – 33.00 Lei

This new mascara has a formula that contains a cocktail of active ingredients like Hydra-Lash DH Complex which hydrates eyelashes and keeps them soft. It’s available in two variations: for volume and lengthening.

Polymer enriched formula creates a film around lashes, keeping them naturally curved for a long time. The brilliant mascara brush defines and separates lashes for a natural, defined effect.

Enjoy more photos…

Deborah-Spring-2016-Makeup-Collection-1 Deborah-Spring-2016-Makeup-Collection-2 Deborah-Spring-2016-Makeup-Collection-3 Deborah-Spring-2016-Makeup-Collection-4 Deborah-Spring-2016-Makeup-Collection-5 b

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