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Catrice Fabulous Face Fall Winter 2014 Collection

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

I’m back again with the news about the upcoming Catrice Fabulous Face Collection for fall winter 2014 which includes new and permanent products. If you are from Romania you’ve probably found out about Catrice recently becoming available online and at a few private beauty shops across the country. That’s they good news but as there’s always a “but” right now Catrice is not a permanent thing here in Romania as much depends on the sales and on the customers. If everything goes well this summer we’ll be having Catrice products on more beauty counters and permanent. So I couldn’t say at this point if the Fabulous Face Collection is going to become available here as well.


Nudes of the Season. A perfect complexion is flawless and has a natural glow. The moisturizing Nude Illusion Make-up scores points as a light foundation with a mattifying coverage. Light-reflecting pigments create the desired glow and there are UVA and UVB filters to provide the necessary protection. Softly applied blush in rose or tangerine shades ensure a fresh appearance and perfectly round off the nude look.


International Launch Date – August 2014 at Muller perfumeries

Romania Launch Date – TBA – Now Catrice is available @1001cosmetice.ro , Arypelly (Bucharest, Domenii Market, Geordan Complex), Hara Group (Hateg, Hunedoara), Giulibobo (Winmarkt Central Comercial Complex, Alexandria), Individual Enterprises Oprut Dorin Peter (Brad, Hunedoara)

Catrice Fabulous Face Fall Winter 2014 Collection

Nude Illusion Make-up – New & Permanent – €7.49 for 30 ml

Soft Nudes. The Nude Illusion Make-up scores points as a light foundation with optimal mattifying coverage. Thanks to soft, light-reflecting pigments, the foundation provides the desired soft focus effect for a  healthy glow. The formula is fabulous: moisturizing, longlasting and with protective UVA and UVB filters. The finish: flawless and natural. Now available in a total of 5 shades.

3 in 1 Skin Tone Adapting Make-Up  – New & Permanent – €6.99 for 30 ml

Colour, care and correct. The innovative texture with micro-encapsulated pigments perfectly adapts to any skin tone and offers a smooth complexion as well as moisturizing care. Once the high-quality foundation comes into contact with the skin, the initially extremely light and creamy texture turns into a foundation with a matte effect that matches your skin tone. Available in 2 versions for lighter and medium skin types.

Velvet Finish Foundation with Hyaluron – New & Permanent – €7.99 for 30 ml

Perfection(ist)…This velvety-matt foundation unites know-how and care to offer an instantly fresh effect: moisturizing hyaluron with a repair complex comprising vitamin E and B5, pampering allantoin as well as an SPF of 30. The optical lifting effect ensures flawless skin and fine lines are visibly minimized. Available in a total of 4 shades.

All Matt Plus Shine Control Make-Up – Permanent – €6.49 for 30 ml

Skin Upgrade: the All Matt Plus-Shine Control Make Up acts like a second, invisible skin. Unwanted shine is controlled, the complexion is mattified and the skin is replenished with moisture. At the same time, this make-up is oil-free, long-lasting and offers great coverage to make little skin imperfections disappear. Light-reflecting pigments ensure a silky-matt finish and a flawless, fresh look. Available in a new shade for lighter skin types and a total of five shades.

Velvet Finish Powder with Hyaluron – New & Permanent – €4.99 for 10 g

Perfectly aligned with the foundation of the same name, this longlasting, silky-matt powder offers moisturizing hyaluron as well as vitamin E. Soft, light-reflecting pigments ensure and instant soft focus effect. Fine lines are visibly minimized, all that’s left behind is a smooth, radiant complexion. Available in four shades aligned with the foundation of the same name.

Colour Correcting Mattifyng Powder – New & Permanent – €4.99 for 8 g

The ultra-fine, silky-matt powder corrects and evens out colour irregularities – for a radiant, healthy finish with a natural matt look. The combination of 4 different colors makes this possible: pink freshens-up tired complexions, purple gives dull skin lustre, green neutralizes redness and beige supports the natural skin tone. Available in one shade for all skin types.

All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder – Permanent – €3.49 for 10 g

Shine-free Zone.Thanks to the All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder. The combination of an oil-free texture and light-reflecting pigments provides a longlasting, matt complexion without looking pasty. The ultra-fine pigments are particularly easy to disperse. Available in two new nuances and a total of 5 shades.

Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing Powder – Permanent – €4.99 for 9 g

This Bronzing Powder creates a perfect summer tan. The velvety soft pressed powder with fine shimmer pigments ensures a fresh and radiant complexion. The 3D embossment and two perfectly aligned bronzing colours don’t just look fabulous, the two shades also blend perfectly. Now available in a new colour combination for darker skin tones and a total of two versions.

Velvet Finish Concealer with Hyaluron – New & Permanent – €4.49 for 5 ml

This concealer is joining the innovative Velvet Finish family: moisturizing hyaluron, a repair complex vitamin E and B5, pampering allantoin as well as an SPF of 6. The concealer hides signs of tired skin and has a visible lifting effect. Your complexion will look fresh and radiant. Available in three nuances with a practical flock applicator.

Photo Finish Concealer – New & Permanent – €3.99 for 1.8 ml

The moisturizing texture with light reflecting pigments corrects, covers and pampers at the same time. The twist-pen with a brush applicator makes application super easy. Available in three nuances aligned with the colours of the Photo Finish Foundation.

Re-Touch Light – Reflecting Concealer – Permanent – €3.99 for 1.5 ml

The creamy-light concealer for radiant eyes and a fresh look: light-reflecting pigments and high coverage combined with moisturizing ingredients cover dark circles under your eyes as well as other small imperfections in a flash. The soft texture feels wonderfully pleasant on the delicate skin around your eyes. Comes as a premium silver twist-pen. Available in one new and a total of three shades.

Cover Stick – Permanent – €2.99 for 3 g

Thanks to its high coverage, the Cover Stick is ideal for accurately concealing impurities of the skin or small irregularities. Simply apply on the desired area and blend transitions.  Now available in one new and a total of three shades.

Camouflage Cream – Permanent – €2.99 for 3 g

A true must-have for a flawless complexion. The Camouflage Cream with a longlasting texture blends perfectly with the skin for invisible correction. It reliably covers irregularities of the skin, pigmentation stains and red veins. The efficient Camouflage Cream offers a high coverage and can be kept in a place with powder for a water proof effect. Available in one new and a total of three shades.

Illuminating Blush – New & Permanent – €3.99 for 4.5 g

Chesterfield Cheeks.The Illuminating Blush combines two different colour-intensities with a subtle shimmer and a light pearl. This accentuates the cheekbone as well as giving your complexion definition and a soft glow. The 3D diamond pattern in a Chesterfield design is absolutely eye-catching. Available in a total of 3 colors.

Defining Blush – Permanent – €3.49 for 5 g

The ultra-delicate blush powder with vitamin E ingredients spreads easily and ensures a radiant, silky smooth complexion. With the highly-pigmented, soft texture, you can define your cheekbones and model the contours of your face. Now available in 4 new colours–rosé, coral, tangerine and dark rosewood–and a total of nine colours.

Illuminating Highlighter Pen – New & Permanent – €3.99 for 3.5 ml

The liquid highlighter with a silvery-pink texture ensures a radiant complexion with a silky-soft shimmer. The twist-pen with a brush makes application super easy: simply apply on cheekbones and the arch of your brows and blend softly. A true lighting artist.

Bronzing Highlighter Pen – New & Permanent – €3.99 for 3.5 ml

A liquid bronzer for a natural tanned shimmer. The Thanks to its professional brush applicator, the Bronzing Highlighter Pen is easy to apply on your cheeks and blend. Now the sun shines all year long!

Prime and Fine Healthy Look Primer – New & Permanent – €4.49 for 30 ml

Healthy Glow. The colour-correcting Primer offers a fresh, natural and healthy-looking complexion. The gentle formula with Shea butter and Argan oil calms the skin and improves the durability of make-up. Its soft apricot texture, which contains light-reflecting pigments, provides an instant wake-up effect. Can be applied underneath make-up or on its own for a natural look.

Prime and Fine Anti-Red Cover Stick – New & Permanent – €3.99 for 3 g

The delicate green cover stick neutralizes redness and covers-up impurities of the skin. Applied on targeted areas underneath your make-up, the Coverstick ensures a flawlessc omplexion. You can even enhance the coverage by applying it multiple times. Available as a practical jumbo pencil.

All Matt Anti Shine Paper – New & Permanent – €2.79

Mission of Beauty. The Mattifying Oil Control Paper quickly absorbs excess sebum and frees your skin of shine without drying it out. Also ideal for on the go touch-ups with out altering your make-up. Comes in a practical case with 50 sheets.

Make-up Blending Sponge – New & Permanent – €4.49

All rounder. Smoothly liquid foundation like a pro with the violet sponge. The rounded side is for applying foundation on larger surfaces while the tip is ideal for accurately distributing it around your nose, eyes and lips. Easy to wash.

Foundation Brush – New & Permanent – €4.49

Profi Tool. The professional foundation brush made of ultra soft synthetic bristles is ideal for applying and blending liquid or creamy foundation. The oval, extremely compact brush softly glides across the contours of your face and evenly works in the make-up without any streaks. Comes in a practical zipper pouch. Easy to wash.

Concealer & Camouflage Brush – New & Permanent – €3.99

Perfection. You can apply liquid concealer and camouflage products like a pro with the Concealer and Camouflage brush made of ultra soft and flexible synthetic bristles thanks to its precision tip. The pointy brush tip can even get  to the tiniest and hard-to-reach areas of your face like the inner corners of your eyes. Comes in a practical zipper pouch.Easy to wash.

Kabuki Brush – New & Permanent – €4.99

So Soft. The professional kabuki brush made of thick, synthetic bristless moothly applies loose or pressed powder and bronzer. The soft, synthetic bristles feel wonderfully pleasant as they glide across your skin.

Enjoy more photos…

Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-1 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-2 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-3 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-4 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-5 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-6 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-7 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-8 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-9 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-10 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-11 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-12 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-13 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-14 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-15 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-16 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-17 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-18 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-19 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-20 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-21 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-22 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-23 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-24 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-25 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-26 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-27 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-28 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-29 Catrice-Fall-Winter-2014-Collection-30

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fashiondoctor July 14, 2014 - 9:00 am

oo,cum arata! sper sa apara si la noi!! pupp

Tavia July 14, 2014 - 10:18 am

If the sales go well this summer then Catrice will remain in Romania, but if not then we’re not going to see this collection in the fall.


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