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Bobbi Brown Spring 2017 Soft and Soft Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Bobbi Brown Soft and Soft Spring 2017 Collection comes with new limited edition products for lips and cheeks. Here are the new Bobbi Brown Cheek Glow Palettes (sneak peek) that can be used for both cheeks and lips, while the new shades of lip balm are ready to keep your lips looking gorgeous and hydrated throughout the day.



International Launch Date – February 2017

Japan Launch Date – 2 January 2017

Bobbi Brown Cheek Glow Palette – New & Limited Edition – €54.00

The new Cheek Glow Palette that comes in 3 variations is a combination of classic and colorful lip and cheek creamy color. These colors will give your skin a natural color, just by easily applying the colors with your fingertips. They can be applied gently on the cheekbones to create a delicate rosy healthy shade or dabbed across your lips for a pop of color. They are very practical and convenient as they combine two products that can perfectly meet your makeup needs on a casual day.

  • No.01 Pink Opal / Homecoming Pink
  • No.02 Bare / Desert Rose
  • No.03 Bronze Sun / Milk Chocolate
  • No.04 Pearl / Pink Flush

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm – €33.00

Looks like the famous Bobbi Brown Lip Balm is back, this time in three new limited edition shades. I remember how pricey but super efficient their last lip balm edition was and having new colors to choose from definitely seems more challenging. Each color will look different on everyone, as it will change depending on the temperature of your lips, showing a natural red or a gentle pink. The product contains top care ingredients, that provide softening, hydration and will make your lips smooth for the entire day.

  • No.01 Popsicle – red (New)
  • No.02 Melon – naked pink tangerine (New)
  • No.03 Pink – soft rose

Enjoy more photos…

bobbi-brown-spring-2017-cheek-palette bobbi-brown-spring-2017-cheek-palette-1 bobbi-brown-spring-2017-cheek-palette-2 bobbi-brown-spring-2017-lip-balm

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