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Artdeco Talbot Runhof Spring Summer 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Spring is the season when the first flowers bloom so flower prints are also in vogue and very trendy. Artdeco Talbot Runhof Spring Summer 2016 Collection is characterized by colorful floral prints combined with stripes and harmonized perfectly with the fashion colors of Artdeco in red, pink, lime green and navy blue.


The new Artdeco Blushes looks amazing so I’m preparing my wishlist as we speak but I’m also looking forward to seeing the new lip colors. How about you?



Europe Launch Date – mid January 2016 at Douglas

Artdeco Talbot Runhof Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Artdeco Single Eyeshadow – New Shades – €4.95


  • No.36A Golden Almond – bright gold
  • No.270 Navy Blue – pearl dark blue
  • No.515 Stony Shore (matt) – taupe
  • No.120 Pink Blossom – bright pink
  • No.135 Skipper’s Love – extravagant red
  • No.252 Lemon Flicker – lime

Artdeco Beauty Box Quattro – Limited Edition – €9.95

Ideal for storing Artdeco Single eye shadow, the new Beauty Box Quattro comes with a springlike flowers-stripe logo.

Artdeco Eye Designer Refill – New Shades – €7.95

  • No.12A Sailor’s Knot – auburn
  • No.13A Stony Shore – sandy brown
  • No.65 Havenwards – summery turquoise

Artdeco Eye Designer Applicator  – Limited Edition – €9.95

  • Blossom Stripe Design

Artdeco Mineral Eye Styler  – Limited Edition – €8.95

  • No.90 Navy Blue – intense royal blue

Artdeco Volume Mascara Supreme  – Limited Edition – €13.95

  • No.1 Black

Artdeco Blush Couture – Limited Edition – €19.99

  • Field of Flowers

Artdeco Invisible Lip Styler – €8.95

  • Invisible Lip (prevents leaking of the lipstick)

Artdeco Mineral Lip Styler – €8.95

  • No.10 Mineral Dark Hibiscus – bold burgundy

Artdeco Perfect Mat Lipstick – €11.99

  • No.134 Dark Hibiscus
  • No.148 Violet Lady
  • No.173 Skipper’s Love
  • No.165 Rosy Kiss
  • No.184 Rosewood
  • No.196 Classical Nude

Artdeco Hydra Lip Booster – €9.95

  • No.06 Banner Papaya Sorbet – delicate salmon orange
  • No.10 Banner Skipper’s Love – seductive red

Artdeco Art Couture Nail Lacquer – €8.50


  • No.664 Couture Skipper’s Love – fiery orange-red
  • No.840 Couture Heavenwards – sky blue
  • No.901 Couture Pearl White – shimmering white
  • No.722 Couture Violet Lady – intense fuchsia

Enjoy more photos…

Artdeco-Spring-Summer-2016-Talbot-Runhof-2 Artdeco-Spring-Summer-2016-Talbot-Runhof-3 Artdeco-Spring-Summer-2016-Talbot-Runhof-4 Artdeco-Spring-Summer-2016-Talbot-Runhof-5 Artdeco-Spring-Summer-2016-Talbot-Runhof-6 Artdeco-Spring-Summer-2016-Talbot-Runhof-7 Artdeco-Spring-Summer-2016-Talbot-Runhof-8 Artdeco-Spring-Summer-2016-Talbot-Runhof-9 Artdeco-Spring-Summer-2016-Talbot-Runhof-10

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genevieve December 20, 2015 - 1:41 am

I am lucky because Art Deco products have just been added to my local chemist. It is so good to be able to sample their products at long last. These look really fabulous.

Tavia December 20, 2015 - 11:05 am

Oh Great! Was about time, this brand became more popular. 🙂 Let me know how do you like their products 🙂


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