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Artdeco Summer Breeze 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Artdeco pops up with a new makeup collection, just right a hot summer vacation. The new Artdeco Summer Breeze 2016 Collection features just the right waterproof formula products to keep you looking impeccable this summer.


With „Summer Breeze“ ARTDECO captures the magnificent colors of summer: A radiant array of cool aqua tones, mysterious violettes, fiery reds and vibrant orange tones. The ultimate highlights are the water-proof eyeshadow sticks and alluring lip make-up with either an opaque and glossy or sheer finish. The perfect make-up companion for your next summer vacation!


International Launch Date – end June 2016 at Douglas

Artdeco Summer Breeze 2016 Collection

Glossy Lip Oil – New

The glossy Lip Oil gives your lips a marvelous sheen of color. And best of all: The nourishing oil accentuates your lips and makes them look extra glossy and softly smooth at the same time. A delicate color and caring ingredients accentuate and nourish your lips!


  • 02 Orange Pop
  • 04 Red Pop
  • 06 Berry Pop

Invisible Lip Contour

The lip liner provides an invisible barrier against the smudging and leaking of lipstick or lip gloss and is best suited for light and nude colors. The lip liner acts as “visual wrinkle killer” through its specially layered pigments. Selected waxes in combination with the ingredient Maxi LipTM smooth and nourish.

Liquid Lipstick Long-Lasting

The long-lasting Liquid Lipstick is an alluring combination of rich color pigments and the silky smooth texture of the gloss. Bonus: The Liquid Lipstick lasts for up to twelve hours on your lips. Give your lips an irresistibly smoother, more defined and fuller appearance.

  • 34 Plum Darling
  • 08 Iconic Red
  • 14 Red Passion
  • 18 Rose Desire
  • 24 Diva Pink
  • 28 Berry Affair
  • 40 Adorable Nude
  • 46 Bare Naked

Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick

The compact Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick is the perfect companion for your summer holiday. Thanks to the ideal combination of ingredients the eyeshadow stick is completely smudge- and waterproof after it has dried. This guarantees that you will always look perfect – be it at the pool or the beach!

  • 08 Terra Glow
  • 14 Olive Glow
  • 22 Ocean Mermaid
  • 30 Into The Blue
  • 45 Lavender Love
  • 51 Rose Bouquet
  • 58 Roman Treasure
  • 64 Golden Times

Enjoy more photos…

Artdeco-Summer-Breeze-2016-Collection-1 Artdeco-Summer-Breeze-2016-Collection-2 Artdeco-Summer-Breeze-2016-Collection-3

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