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Artdeco Pure Minerals Bi-Phase Moisture Serum

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Artdeco presents a new skincare product this spring, Pure Minerals Bi-Phase Moisture Serum suitable for all skin types, particularly dry and / or dehydrated skin.


Water is not only the source of life but also a source of beauty and youth. Our skin stores around a quarter of the complete fluid content of our body and is thereby the main moisture reservoir. In order to support the skin’s natural functions, ARTDECO has developed an innovative 2-phase-serum containing the highly effective ingredient hyaluronic acid. Enriched with valuable minerals and essential trace elements, your skin is revitalized and the natural cell metabolism accelerated.


International Launch Date – late February 2014 at Douglas and online @douglas.de

Artdeco Pure Minerals Bi-Phase Moisture Serum – New – 75 ml

This light, easily absorbed, subtly scented serum gives the skin long-lasting, specific moisture thanks to an innovative 2-phase-system. It nourishes and supports the stabilization of the skin’s own hydro-lipid-film and therefore the serum’s combined phases make it an especially rich moisturizer for thirsty skin!

Lipid-Phase (25%) With nourishing papaya seed-oil and vitamin E for more freshness, vitality and smoothness. Hydro-Phase (75%) For more moisture and firmness thanks to hyaluronic acid, apple extracts, mineral-rich volcanic rock extract and bio ferments from the green algae chlorella and the white lupine.


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