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Artdeco Crystal Garden Holiday 2016 Collection

by Tavia

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Artdeco Crystal Garden Holiday 2016 Collection is being revealed! The new limited edition items are packed in special dark glossy cases embossed with Swarovski crystals.


The Crystal Garden collection takes you to a wintery magical garden. Inspired by ice crystal covered flowers which mystically glow in the winter sunlight. The limited edition designer pieces of the glamour collection are finished off with Swarovski® crystals.


International Launch Date – end October 2016 at Douglas perfumeries

Artdeco Crystal Garden Holiday 2016 Collection

Crystal Garden Blusher – Limited Edition

The Crystal Garden Blusher adorns your cheeks with a hint of three magnificent colors with work in perfect unison. The blush is embedded into a specially designed box. The black lacquered lid is embellished with delicate camellia flowers which are mare up of Swarovski crystals. The best part: The box is reusable. Once you have used up the blush you can refill it with other ARTDECO blush colors by simply clipping it into the magnetic bracket on the inside of the box.

Crystal Garden Beauty Box Trio – Limited Edition

The high-quality limited edition packaging is embellished with a lovely camellia flower in perfect contrast to the black lacquer finish of the box. Softly shimmering Swarovski crystals adorn the flowers’ petals. The exclusive empty palette provides enough space for three eyeshadows or one blush with applicator.


  • 232 Frozen Flower (Duochrome)
  • 291 Dark Amethyst (Duochrome)
  • 103 Pearly Polar Silver (Pearl)
  • 196 Pearly Moonstone (Pearl)
  • 359 Glam Bordeux (Glitter)
  • 364 Glam Shooting Star (Glitter)

Crystal Oil Drops – 13 ml

With hundreds of the finest glitter particles, the Crystal Oil Drops give your face and body a smooth and subtle shimmer. It is perfect to give your face a natural glow of simply highlight certain parts of your face. At the same time the oil nourishes your skin with ingredients such as bisabolol, jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Crystal Mascara & Liner

The Crystal Mascara & Liner gives your eye make-up a magnificent yet subtle glittering finish. The applicator makes the liner very handy: You can use the brush to draw a glittering line across your eyelid. The grooved part of the applicator is perfect to apply the product as a mascara.

  • 01 Crystal Garden

Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream

  • 9 Soft Camelia

Powder Lip Finish – Limited Edition

The limited edition Powder Lip Finish transforms your lipstick into a wholly different look within seconds. Finely milled glitter particles give your lipstick a metallic iridescent finish, making you look extra glamorous.

Perfect Mat Lipstick

  • 125 Marrakesh Red
  • 127 Hibiscus Blossom
  • 160 Rosy Cloud
  • 176 Rosy Camelia
  • 179 Indian Rose
  • 191 Garden Route

Glamour Gloss

  • 82 Glamour Rose

Crystal Lip Finish – Limited Edition

Crystal Lip Finish coats your lips in thousands of finely ground sparkling particles. With iridescent crystals, the phantastical shimmering lip gloss will make your lips sparkle brighter than the stars. May be used on its own or on top of a lipstick.

Crystal Beauty Dust – Limited Edition

The Crystal Beauty Dust gives your skin a breathtaking crystallized sparkle. The limited edition glitter powder coats your skin in finely milled glitter particles and makes it more radiant and softly shimmering.

Crystal Nail Lacquer – Limited Edition

The magnificent Crystal Nail Lacquer coats your nails in precious pearl shimmer particles that make your nails sparkle like a thousand crystals. Each of the limited effect nail lacquers have a unique shimmering finish. Transform your nails into a sparkling eye catcher.

  • 2 Silver Plum
  • 4 Purple Rain
  • 6 Sparkling Snow

Peel Off Base Coat

With the Peel Off Base Coat you can easily remove creme and even glitter nail polishes gently and hassle-free. The base coat is perfect for all those who want to coordinate their nail polishes with their outfit for the night, or maybe just one hour and then simply peel it off again when you want to change your nail polish. Simply peel it off just like a sticker – and even the most intricate nail design is gone in seconds.

Enjoy more photos…

artdeco-holiday-2016-crystal-garden-collection artdeco-holiday-2016-crystal-garden-collection-1 artdeco-holiday-2016-crystal-garden-collection-2 artdeco-holiday-2016-crystal-garden-collection-3 artdeco-holiday-2016-crystal-garden-collection-5 artdeco-holiday-2016-crystal-garden-collection-6 artdeco-holiday-2016-crystal-garden-collection-7 artdeco-holiday-2016-crystal-garden-collection-8 artdeco-holiday-2016-crystal-garden-collection-9


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