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Armani Rouge & Black Ecstasy for Fall 2014

by Tavia

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More exciting news from Giorgio Armani in the beauty sector as the new Rouge & Black Ecstasy Collection for fall 2014 have been unveiled. I’m talking about three new lipstick shades of Rouge Ecstasy along with Lip Maestro and also the new Black Ecstasy mascara, definitely a must have in a luxurious deep dark tube with a red lacquered brush. The new shades are pigmented, intense, vibrant and have a lightweight formula while the texture is rich and creamy.


International Launch Date – mid September 2014

Armani Rouge & Black Ecstasy Fall 2014 Collection

Black Ecstasy Mascara –  New – €34.00


  • Obsidian Black
  • Armani Navy
  • Wood
  • Tadzio

This new mascara has been developed by a specific technology as it contains “black-boosting polymer” that increase the color intensity of pigments and allows you an effortless application and intense deep black lashes.

Lip Maestro – New Shades – €32.50

  • 404 Spice
  • 405 Orient
  • 406 Sultan

Rouge Ecstasy – New Shades – €34.00

  • 404 Spice
  • 405 Orient
  • 406 Sultan

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Don’t forget to check out Giorgio Armani Eye Brow Maestro (info, photos) for Fall 2014 which is a multi-use product for both eyes and eyebrows.

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The pink lemonade September 1, 2014 - 1:44 pm

Love the package all in red!

With love,
The pink lemonade


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