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Armani Lip Magnet 2016 Fall Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Not even a week has passed since I announced this launch and I’m back with the color story for Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet collection launching for fall 2016. Lip Magnet is inspired by two of the biggest product icons of Giorgio Armani Beauty: the ultra-thin film of Maestro Fusion Make-Up and the incredible color intensity of Lip Maestro. The new lip product has an extremely fine texture, an incomparable feeling of weightlessness, intense color concentration, an ultra chic, matte finish and perfect, permanent grip.



International Launch Date – October 2016

Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet – New – €36.00

Lip Magnet is the first liquid lip color that provides an unprecedented concentration of color in the finest of all textures, while it merges perfectly with the lips. It has an amazing color intensity and matte finish and a “second-skin” effect. It has a long-lasting formula (up to 8 hours), non sticky and non oily, it does not run or dry the lips. The lips stay well hydrated and perfectly defined for hours.


  • No.300 Tangerine
  • No.301 Heat
  • No.302 Hollywood
  • No.400 Four Hundred for All
  • No.401 Scarlatoo
  • No.402 Fil Rouge
  • No.403 Vibrato
  • No.500 Maharajah
  • No.501 Eccentrico
  • No.502 Mani
  • No.503 Glow
  • No.504 Nuda
  • No.505 Second Skin
  • No.506 Fusion
  • No.507 Garconne
  • No.600 Front Row
  • No.601 Attitude
  • No.602 Night Viper

Enjoy more photos…


Armani-Lip-Magnet-2016-Fall-2 Armani-Lip-Magnet-2016-Fall-3 Armani-Lip-Magnet-2016-Fall-4 Armani-Lip-Magnet-2016-Fall-5

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