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ACM Sensitelial Coloured Sunblock Cream SPF 50+ Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I’ve always been pro using sunscreen, but during the summer I like to turn my attention to those creams with a higher SPF. So when I discovered ACM Sensitelial Coloured Sunblock Cream SPF 50+ I couldn’t have been more curious to test it and see how I get along with it especially since during the hot season I prefer a light makeup so this could turn into a quick and more comfortable alternative than a foundation. I already had a great experience with ACM Sensitelial Sunblock Cream SPF 50 (review, swatch, photos) so a colored version of this sunscreen really got me intrigued.



Romania – Now in pharmacies at Magnifique Skin counters and online @magnifiqueskin.ro

International – Now @labo-acm.com and pharmacies

ACM Sensitelial Coloured Sunblock Cream SPF 50 (53.00 Ron for 40 ml/ 1.35 fl oz) has a very light texture that feels comfortable and lightweight while allowing the skin to breathe.

I see it as the colored version of ACM Sensitelial Sunblock Cream SPF 50 and I personally got the Golden Tint shade which at this moment is just a bit darker for my skin tone. In a few weeks after I’ll get a summer tan I know this shade will fit me perfectly but in the meanwhile I’m OK with wearing it on a casual day when I go shopping for groceries or run some errands and I just want to keep my makeup as simple as possible, looking natural but still having that SPF 50 factor. 🙂

I personally love how easily it gets applied, providing a light to medium coverage, evening out the skin tone and small skin imperfections. It has a dewy finish which I like to mattify it using a loose finishing powder that will set the colored sunblock cream. Even on those hot days as I long as I had applied a thin layer of powder I had no problems with oiliness or shine at least for 6 hours. Without the powder, my complexion looks dewy right after the application and start to shine within an hour but considering I’m combination skin type you can understand that.

It said to have a waterproof formula which can make it the ideal sunblock face cream when you go to the beach and you are concerned about having your complexion exposed without any makeup. I know many girls have this concern when they go to the beach so a coloured sunscreen cream matching their skin tone could really save the day.

It comes in a squeezable small plastic tube, very handy and easily to take it with you in your bag or beach tote.

Take a look here at my Gold & Lilac Soft Summer Makeup Look (tutorial, photos) if you want to know how this color looks on me.

Enjoy more photos…

Acm-Sensitelial-Coloured-Sunblock-Cream-Review-1 Acm-Sensitelial-Coloured-Sunblock-Cream-Review-2 Acm-Sensitelial-Coloured-Sunblock-Cream-Review-3 Acm-Sensitelial-Coloured-Sunblock-Cream-Review-4 Acm-Sensitelial-Coloured-Sunblock-Cream-Review-5 Acm-Sensitelial-Coloured-Sunblock-Cream-Review-6 Acm-Sensitelial-Coloured-Sunblock-Cream-Review-7 Acm-Sensitelial-Coloured-Sunblock-Cream-Review-8

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