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Dior Summer 2016 Milky Dots Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

I’ve been expecting a closer look at Dior Summer 2016 Milky Dots Collection for a few days now since more and more summer 2016 makeup collections are starting to arrive. This time I can really enjoy seeing Dior Milky Dots products up close and since earlier I’ve spotted swatches on several blogs is becoming easier to decide what to put on my summer wishlist. I’m not a fan of polka dots theme but I do have a couple of favorites among this collection.


They stand for charm, elegance and transparency and always on fashion, I will never tire of her.” – Christian Dior . The polka-dot motif typical of the house gives the Dior makeup collection Summer 2016 cheerful touch full of vitality. This style element graces the covers of Star pallets and inspired Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior makeup, to create a collection dominated by the hedonism that is filled with sandy tones and milky hues and a vibrant color palette with particularly strong pigments. Let yourself bewitched by the “Good Vibrations” a warm Bronzetones, seduced by a deep Mediterranean blue and delight in a milky, a summer smoothie same pink … Succumb to the lure of a Confetti manicure as a harbinger of summer the contrast between pink and lavender blue playing.


U.S. Launch Date – April 2016

Dior Summer 2016 Milky Dots Collection

Dior Addict Milky Tint

  • 026 Milky Pearl
  • 126 Milky Pure
  • 156 Milky Paste
  • 286 Milky Plum
  • 356 Milky Peach
  • 376 Milky Pop

Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder

  • 001 Fresh Tan
  • 002 Fresh Light
  • 003 Warm Tan
  • 004 Warm Light

Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow 001

This extremely fine and delicate loose powder envelops your skin in an invisible veil of subtle amber tint. Light-reflecting pearly particles inside the powder have also copper pigments which give the skin a sun-kissed appearance.

5 Couleurs Polka Dots Palette

  • 366 Bain de Mer
  • 536 Escapade

Polka Dots Manicure Kit

  • 001 Pastilles
  • 002 Confettis
  • 003 Plumetis

Dior Addict Lipstick

  • 533 Appeal
  • 581 Beat
  • 613 Break
  • 773 Play

Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

  • 555 Eccentric
  • 775 Ecstatic

Dior Addict It-Line

  • 359 It-Jade
  • 959 It-Lilac

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

  • 662 Over Bronze

Eye Reviver

  • 002

Enjoy more photos…

Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-1 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-2



Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-5 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-6 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-7 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-8 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-9 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-10 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-11 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-12 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-13 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-14 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-15 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-16 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-17 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-18 Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-19

Have you taken a first look at Dior Fall 2016 Makeup Collection yet? Yes, that’s right, first photos have already been released. 🙂

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