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Make Up Factory Artist’s Selection Collection Winter 2013

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I invite you to take a look at the new Make Up Factory Artist’s Selection Collection that was launched a few weeks ago. This collection features a lot of colorful shades which are meant to brighten up this season. The new products are all about professional cream textures with moisturizing ingredients for long-lasting durability.



International Launch Date – September 2013 at Muller

Make Up Factory Artist’s Selection Collection Winter 2013

Blush Creme

  • No.08 Rosy Wood
  • No.12 Vintage Blossom
  • No.18 Flash Apricot
  • No.24 Pink In Love

Creme Eye Color

  • No.12 Cyber White
  • No.25 Vibrant Copper
  • No.31 Spacy Chestnut
  • No.49 Chromatic Green
  • No.58 Electric Blue
  • No.74 Metallic Plum

Creme Eyeshadow Brush

This professional Creme Eyeshadow Brush makes application wonderfully gentle. The brush, made from fine synthetic fibers, is easy to clean and picks up and deposits color beautifully.

Dramatic Cream Eye Liner

  • No.05 Drama Black
  • No.08 Rocky Grey
  • No.12 Romantic Brown
  • No.18 Saphire Blue

Eye Liner Brush

This brush, consisting of a mixture of high-quality polyester fibers (toray) and marten hair, is fantastically supple and resilient. The finely tapered tip and the brush hairs which are attach under high tension allow a perfect, precise eye line to be drawn.

Eye Makeup Remover Gel

Enjoy more photos…




Since this collection is already available on the counters for quite some time I want to ask you what products have you picked up. 🙂

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