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MAC Fall 2013 Indulge Collection – Photos & Swatches

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

The MAC Fall 2013 Indulge Collection has been launched online @maccosmetics.com last week and it’s partially sold out but there will be a second chance for those of you who want to purchase any products because the collection will become available at other retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s as well as MAC Stores.


The rest of us living outside US will have to wait until September or October for this collection to become available at MAC Locations so I thought you might enjoy some swatches until then. I’ve already posted the promo photos and color story in a previous article so check that out if you want. These swatches were presented on MAC Korea’s official blog but I’ve updated the photos to my blog.


U.S. Launch Date – 15 August 2013 online @maccosmetics.com and 22 August 2013 at MAC Locations

Korea Launch Date – August 2013 online @maccosmetics.co.kr

International Launch Date – September/ October 2013 at MAC Locations

Take a peek!

There are actually 8 eyeshadows released with this collection each one retailing for $15.00.


Gilty Morsel Eyeshadow is officially described as a glittery light gold with a Lustre finish but looks more like a pale yellow gold and gold sparkle. Like all the other Lustre finishes this one makes no exception in its dry texture and looks sheer once it’s applied.

Three Ring Yellow Eyeshadow is suppose to be a bright sulfer green yellow with a Veluxe Pearl finish and it’s already sold out on MAC’s website since it’s a repromote shade and customers already knew what they were buying. It is a medium bright yellow with a slightly green tone and a soft and smooth texture which is easily blendable. Those looking for a great yellow shade with a good color payoff may want to check this shade.

Divine Decadence Eyeshadow is described as a simply soft bronze with Veluxe finish which turns into a bright medium bronze with copper and red undertones. It has a slightly frosted finish but it’s a very pigmented shade with a silky creamy texture that’s easily to work with. It blends incredibly well and has a good color payoff.

Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow is a repromote shade and is described as a dark plum with Satin finish but it looks more like a dark plum with red undertones and a more semi-matte finish rather than a Satin one. The texture is not the best one making it a little difficult to blend the color which is very pigmented and opaque.

Moving on to the lipsticks now, which were 5 in this collection each one retailing for $15.00 but I have for you lip swatches only for 4 of them.


Smash Hit Lipstick is a repromote color described as a sheer golden sparkle with Dazzle finish. It appears to be sheer pink gold and copper with lot of sparkle. It doesn’t look opaque once it’s swatched or on the lips but the glittery texture makes this color pop and it seems to be more about the sparkle than about the color.

By Design Lipstick described as a soft shimmering beige with a Frost finish is a medium frost rosy peach once it’s swatched on the hand but on the lips looks more like a metallic medium peach with a semi-opaque color coverage.

Feed The Senses Lipstick is a mid-tone mauvey nude with a Lustre finish which I bet it would look good on almost every skin tone since it’s such a neutral shade. It delivers a semi-opaque color on the lips.

Just a Bite Lipstick is described as a mid-tone blue red with a Satin finish which delivers an opaque color coverage, very pigmented with a subtle sheen.


Lipstick Lip Swatches Clockwise: Smash Hit, By Design, Just a Bite and Feed The Senses.

Last but not least here are the swatches of 4 out of 5 lipglasses ($15.00) from this collection.


Ultimate Dish Lipglass is a light beige with pearl finish which looks more like a semi-opaque light peachy beige. This shade looks so natural, doesn’t settle into lip lines and complements so well fair and light skin tones.

Liqueur Lipglass is a repromote shade officially called a shimmering taupe but looks more liked a deep golden brown with red undertones and pink shimmer. It doesn’t settle into lip lines and looks fairly opaque color coverage.

Fashion Punch Lipglass is described as a mid-tone neutral pink but I can’t pick up the pink at all. To me it looks mostly like a medium-dark peachy shade with gold effects. It’s a neutral shade which delivers an opaque color coverage settling just a bit into lip lines.

Utterly Tart Lipglass is being describes as a deep red and looks like rich and pigmented red with blue undertones with just a hint of berry. It doesn’t settle into lip lines, it’s applied smooth and evenly across the lip delivering an opaque color coverage.


Lipglass Lip Swatches Clockwise: Ultimate Dish, Liqueur, Utterly Tart, Fashion Punch.

I hope you enjoyed this article and find it useful. Which one of these shades do you like the most? Have you already purchased anything from this collection? Do share!

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Sunny August 22, 2013 - 8:44 pm

I love your blog, always first with new information.
I wonder if the glosses are sticky.
Thank you for this post!

Tavia August 22, 2013 - 11:49 pm

Thank you Sunny! I’m happy to post any news or sneak peek info as soon as I find it. 🙂 The glosses from this collection are classical MAC Lipglasses so if you’ve tried any Lipglass in the past these have the same formula. They offer a glass-like finish and some of them can look very dramatic while the other shades are great if you want a subtle look. 🙂


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