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Jill Stuart Thumbelina Collection Spring 2014

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

A couple of weeks ago I invited you to take a sneak peek at Jill Stuart Thumbelina Collection Spring 2014 and I showed you the photos taken at the pre-launch event that took place in Japan. Now that the first promo photos have been released I’m back with a new article and more details regarding the upcoming spring makeup items.



Japan Launch Date – 10 January 2014

International Launch Date – January 2014

Jill Stuart Makeup Collection Spring 2014

Jewel Crystal Eyes – Limited Edition Packaging

  • #07 Sphalerite Glamour – cannary yellow and marigold orange invoke the light airiness of spring (Limited Edition)
  • #06 Celestial Selenite – a pink beige to create a gentle, charming gaze, like the joy of spring’s return

Velvet Crystal Eyes

  • #08 Amalia Tutu – a pink beige, like softly overlapping petals from the amalia rose

Mix Blush Compact

  • #07 Sweet Primrose – a pink gradation like delightful primrose (Limited Edition Compact)
  • #08 Tulip Fields – fresh butterfly yellow and tulip red (Limited Edition)

Lip Blossom


  • 01 Ranunculus Veil – a milky light pink, like gorgeous ranunculus
  • 02 French Tulip – an innocent coral orange, like Thumbelina born from a tulip
  • 03 Candy Tuft – a sugar pink that sparkles with delicate, candy tuft pearls
  • 04 Petit Cherry – mild red, like small fresh cherries
  • 05 Amaryllis Poetry – a light rose pink, like romantic amaryllis
  • 06 Ivy Geranium – a yellow beige with clam sweetness
  • 07 Freesia Grace – a walnut beige with natural and clean athmosphere
  • 08 Pretty Poppy – a poppy red, cheerful and translucent
  • 09 Brilliant Lily – a bright orange, like beautiful lilies
  • 10 Cherry Blossom – a fragile petal pink, like cherry blossom (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer R

  • #104 Love Fool – a fresh and happy orange, inviting you out into the spring sunlight (Limited Edition)
  • #105 Tiny Petunia – a shiny pearl pink, like delightful petunia flowers (Limited Edition)
  • #106 Sunshine Prism – a brilliant yellow, like glittering rays of sunshine (Limited Edition)

Enjoy  more photos…






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