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Color Club Masterclass Collection Winter 2013

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

Color Club Masterclass Collection is finally here but some of you got the chance to take a quick back at CosmoProf earlier this year. Master Class includes a series of DIY nail art taught by the experts. You can choose up to 3 classes from Gemology, Geometry and Metal Shop.



International Launch Date – 15 October 2013 @shopcolorclub.com

Color Club Metal Shop – New – $20.00


  • 1x Black Lacquer
  • 1x Container of Silver Bullions
  • 1x Container of Gold Bullions
  • 1x Gem Tool
  • 1x Matt-ified Sealer

How To Use:

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Paint nails but DO NOT LET THEM DRY!  In order for studs to adhere properly, tacky polish is crucial.
  3. Using your gem tool and lots of patience, one by one place the studs in an alternating pattern.
  4. With your studs in place, apply a matte top coat.


Color Club Geometry – New – $22.00


  • 1x Holographic Lacquer
  • 1x White Lacquer
  • 1x Black Lacquer
  • 1x Gold Striping Tape


Color Club Gemology – New – $24.00


  • 1x Metallic Lacquer
  • 1x Top Coat
  • 1x Gem tool
  • Various sizes of diamonds & pearls


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