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Catrice Fall Winter 2013 All Eyes On You Collection – Official Info & Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

As I said earlier in my preview of Catrice Fall Winter 2013 Makeup Collection (info & photos) post, I will be diving this permanent collection into 4 categories to make it easy for everyone to enjoy and easily find the information needed. I will start with the Catrice FW 2013 All Eyes On You Collection and I will be showing you all the new items that will be included in the permanent range from the fall.



International Launch Date – August 2013 at Muller, ULTA and Catrice beauty shops

Take a closer look right after the break.

Catrice Fall Winter 2013 All Eyes On You Collection

Absolute Colour Mono Eyeshadow – €2.79

Mono eye shadows, multiple benefits. A great spectrum of colours, extreme durabiltiy, high coverage and various effects. Inspired by the latest catwalk trends, six new shades are joining the colour range, including jeans and dove blue, taupe, violet as well as two subtle nudes. Available in matt, shimmering, pearl or satin and a total of 24 fabulous colours.

New shades are joining the collection:

  • #660 Ice White Open
  • #670 Vanilla & Charles
  • #680 Shade of Grey
  • #690 Snoop Dovey Dove
  • #700 Jeans Dean
  • #710 Lilac Del Rey

Liquid Metal Eyeshadow – New – €3.99

Lookalike: the new Liquid Metal Eyeshadows conjure-up a glossy shimmer like liquid metal on your lids this season. Nine colours with a unique chrome effect accompanied by an extraordinary and innovative relief structure. Maximum pigmentation, a silky texture and intensive colour-dispersion in an exclusive black packaging. As good as gold: here’s to gaining new metal fans.

  • C010 Look Me In The Ice
  • C020 Gold n’ Roses
  • C030 We Are The Champagne
  • C040 Under Treasure
  • C050 We Are The Inner Purple
  • C060 Petrol Pan
  • C070 Gold Leaf Me
  • C080 Mauves Like Jagger
  • C090 Nougat It Right

Kohl Kajal – €1.99

Success down the line. With the two new Kohl Kajal shades. The wooden pencil’s velvety soft mine gently glides across your eyelids to give your eyes a beautiful bright look. Now available in trendy green, passionate violet and a total of eight colours.

New shades:

  • #150 Passionate Violet
  • #160 Trendy Green

Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliner – New – €2.99/ Waterproof – €3.29

Accuracy is key. The new Ultra Fine Ink Eyeliners offer an extra thin brush applicator to make accurate lines and calligraphic works of art as easy as child’s play. The deep-black texture dries quickly and is extremely convincing thanks to its high coverage and long durability. The protective cap – in metallic silver or blue – shows that there is a waterproof version as well as a water-soluble one.

  • Black
  • Black – Waterproof

Made To Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen – New – €2.79

Eyelight: this innovative Highlighter Pen with a nude colour texture has been developed especially for the inner eyelid. Its pale, light-reflecting texture is a real eye-opener and provides a radiant, wide-awake look. Thanks to the waterproof texture, the Inside Eye Highlights are long-lasting and are sure to stay where they belong. The soft mine can regularly be brought back into shape with the integrated sharpener. Opthalmologically tested.

  • 010 In The Mood For Nude

Made To Stay Inside Highlighter Pen – New – €3.79

Accents of beauty. The Made to Stay Highlighter Pen is a true perfectionist. Creamy and powdery, the silky shimmering texture practically melts with your skin, leaving behind nothing but radiant highlights under your eyebrows or the outer corners of your eyes. The retractable mine and compact shape turn this pen into a super practical beauty tool – even when you’re on-the-go. Now available in two new shades and a total of three shades.

New Shades:

  • #020 Champagne
  • #030 Silver White

Glamour Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof – New – €3.99

Waterproof Doll Eyes. The extremely popular Glamour Doll Volume Mascara is gaining a waterproof version. Good news: the beloved elastomer brush is implemented here, too. Due to the large gaps, it captures a large amount of texture and covers each individual lash with creamy black colour without weighing it down. The results: lashes with extra volume, fascinating length and a unique curl. Can be removed using water-soluble eye make-up remover. Opthalmologically tested.

Better Than False Lashes Mascara – New – €4.49/ Waterproof – €4.79

Professional Trio. The new Better than False Lashes Mascara is coming to stores in three versions: black, ultra black and waterproof. The fibre triple-volume brush is easy to use thanks to its shape and ensures dramatic volume, ultimate length and extreme curl at the same time! The effect: even more impressive than conventional false lashes. Opthalmologically tested.

  • Premium Metallic Packaging – Black
  • Ultra Black
  • Waterproof Black

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