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Catrice Celtica Collection Spring 2014

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Catrice announced yesterday their upcoming Celtica Collection which features beautiful frosted shades that are suitable for both winter and early spring days. I personally love how this collection looks in the promo photos, I love the soft pastel peachy lipstick shades and the new purple eyeshadows.


Mystic. Magical. Celtica. Flowing silks, finest lace and layer over layer of fine tulle are conquering the catwalks this season. The Haute Couture robes enchant the audience and create a feminine, romantic world with soft, almost transparent details. Celtic-inspired and thus bound to nature and surrounded by a touch of mystery. The Limited Edition “Celtica” by CATRICE reflects this trend in limited beauty products. Taupe, purple and lavender are complemented with fresh peach and bright coral highlights. The absolute must-have and eye-catcher of this Limited Edition is the Multicolour Highlighter with matt, slightly pearly effects to ensure a radiant look.


International Launch Date – mid December 2013 until end January 2014 at Muller

Catrice Celtica Collection Spring 2014

Baked Eyeshadow – €3.79

Intensive Nature. The rustic, fractured structure of the Baked Eyeshadows has an extraordinary and appealing appearance while the texture offers excellent colour dispersion. The baked powder can be applied either moist or dry and is available in four brilliant colours. Two earthy nature tones in beige-gold and beige-brown, profound purple and cooling lavender emphasize your eyes beautifully.

  • C01 Paralilac
  • C02 LOVEnder
  • C03 Celtic by Nature
  • C04 The Secret Door

Cream to Powder Blush – €3.99

Beauty Secret. First it’s creamy, then powdery. This blush gives pale winter skin a fresh look in a choice of bright coral or peach. The creamy texture is easy to apply with your finger and feels pleasantly light and powdery on your skin.

  • C01 Pinkadoxa
  • C02 Love, Peach & Harmony

Multicolour Highlighter – €5.49

Reflecting Elements. The ultra-silky, pressed powder with a decorative bubble pattern perfectly unites the Celtica shades to ensure a radiant complexion with a matt, slightly pearly effect. The light-reflecting pigments transform multicolour into Haute Couleur to skillfuly set highlights on your face and neckline.

  • C01 Far And Beyond

Sheer Lip Colour – €3.99

Tender Look. Lipstick with a gel-like texture for subtle colour dispersion with a gentle shine. Pleasantly delicate on your lips with pure pigments in the trendy colours Coral and Peach as well as a soft nude done.

  • C01 Pinkadoxa
  • C02 Love, Peach & Harmony
  • C03 Celtic by Nature

Ultimate Nail Lacquer – €2.79

Celtic Colours. Ultimate long-lasting texture, ultimate coverage and ultimate brilliance. Now available in limited Celtica colours in a packaging design inspired by Celtic art. The colours range from purple, lavender and pink to fresh peach. Ideal for a mysterious look with a gel shine. And thanks to the extra-broad reservoir brush, it’s extremely easy to apply.

  • C01 Paralilac
  • C02 Pinkadoxa
  • C03 Love, Peach & Harmony
  • C04 LOVEnder

Celtic Nail Flakes – €2.99

3D Art. The Nail Flakes in a colour mix ranging from pink to magenta are applied onto polished nails while the nail polish is still moist. Simply sprinkle a small amount of the flakes into the lid of the container and then dip your freshly polished nail in it. Afterwards, seal with a transparent top coat. Bring the magic of the Celts straight to your nails.

  • C01 Pinkadoxa

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