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Artdeco Caviar Face Brightening Collection Winter 2013

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Artdeco presents Caviar Face Brightening Collection which features two new skincare face products.


Velvety soft, smooth skin is the symbol of beauty and youthfulness. To retain your skin`s beauty, Caviar Performance, the luxurious skincare range, is offering their highly effective pigment regulating Caviar Brightening products – for the efficient reduction and prevention of age and sun-related pigmentation spots! The sumptuous Brightening Perfecting Serum is a valuable pigment regulating, fast-acting serum and the perfect supplement for your daily skincare routine. The lush Brightening Moisture Cream contributes moisturizing intensive care for the reduction and prevention of pigmentation spots.


International Launch Date – November 2013 at Douglas perfumeries

Artdeco Caviar Face Brightening Collection Winter 2013

Caviar Performance Brightening Moisture Cream – 50 ml

Brightening Moisture Cream provides the skin with intensive moisture. Thanks to a unique combination of active ingredients, existing pigmentation spots and irregular pigmentation are reduced and their formation prevented. Look forward to a revitalized freshness and daily, gently counteract the signs of time! The contained whitening complex is composed of a combination of vitamin B3, watercress extract, zinc and green alga which ensures gentle, even lightening of the skin. Garden cress sprout-extract initiates the defense mechanism of the body and therefore protects skin from damaging environmental influences. Lecithin, extracted from soya beans, stimulates the natural collagen and elastin-synthesis. Pentylene glycol and squalan effectively support the moisture balance of the skin. Vitamin C gently lightens existing pigmentation spots and skin irregularities. Therefore, the luxurious intensive moisturizer with precious extract of caviar ensures a more even pigmentation, a smooth, glowing skin appearance and more youthful radiance.

Caviar Performance Brightening Perfecting Serum – 30 ml

 The highly effective Brightening Perfecting Serum has been specially developed to reduce the visibility of age and sun-related pigment disorder and to prevent its further development. Pigmentation spots emerge through a localized over production of melanin. Using the de- pigmentation complex slows down the synthesis of these pigments and gently lightens existing pigmentation spots. The vitamin C content gently acts as a lightener to already existing pigmentation spots and skin irregularities. Glycerine is an excellent moisturizer and effectively assists the skins own moisture balance. By surrounding the dead skin cells on the surface layer of skin, it becomes smoother and can retain more moisture. A natural mutli-functional extract combination consisting of magnolia, green tea, grapefruit, chamomile and white willow-extracts neutralizes the effects of free radicals and contributes valuable moisture. Caviar-extract improves the skin`s moisture retention capacity and makes it soft and smooth. That way the luxurious skin care serum with precious caviar extract ensures a perfected complexion and gives the skin new smoothness and luminosity.


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