Paul & Joe Looney Tunes and Fall 2016 Makeup Collections Preview

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Today the fun beauty news comes from Paul & Joe as they are giving us a sneak peek of their upcoming Looney Tunes Fall 2016 Collection. Actually the collection is based on a Warner Brothers collaboration featuring the famous Tom & Jerry and Silvester & Tweety characters. This is definitely one of the cutest Paul & Joe makeup collections and I’m excited to see it on the counters in the fall. Obviously the upcoming Paul & Joe Looney Tunes 2016 collection will have a special and limited edition packaging and will feature only three types of products: lipsticks, blush and pressed powder.


If you are curious to also take a peek at the upcoming Paul & Joe Fall 2016 Makeup Collection which will be released on the same day, please follow me after the jump.


Japan Launch Date – 1 August 2016

UK Launch Date – August 2016 at Selfridges Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Nail Polish and Body Mist Summer 2016

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Paul & Joe presents the new Summer 2016 Collection which actually is pretty small and features only nail polishes and a body mist. There are ten new nail colors and mostly soft shades of pink which are definitely right up my alley.



Japan Launch Date – 1 June 2016 Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

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You know there will be cuteness coming your way when we talk about Paul&Joe Summer 2016 Makeup Collection, as this brand is making all the products look irresistible. This year Paul & Joe summer 2016 makeup collection focuses on the colors that symbolize the 60’s so we are going back in time to take a retro modern vacation. Cat lovers are again spoiled as the new Paul & Joe Lipstick is coming out with a kitty embossed image just right on top of the lipstick (probably to cute to use the product) while the packaging will be available in two versions. Paul & Joe Lipstick Case A is a chic and luxurious navy and white combination while there’s another version in a cute powdery blue.



Japan Launch Date – 1 May 2016 Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Base Makeup 2016 Collection

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Paul & Joe will release next month its new Spring 2016 Base Makeup Collection which features new and limited edition products along with cute Pin-up girl purse.



Japan Launch Date – 6 April 2016

UK Launch Date – April 2016 at Selfridges Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Eye Colors and Blushes Spring 2016

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In a few days Paul & Joe will launch new Eye Colors Compacts, Powder and Cream Blushes. The new Paul & Joe Powder Blushes promise soft-focus and vibrant colors to make your cheeks blossom and bloom, while the Creamy Blushes deliver a natural-looking cream color that seems to radiantly glow from within.



Japan Launch Date – 1 February 2016 Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Papillon de Printemps Spring 2016 Collection

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Paul & Joe presents its new Papillon de Printemps Spring 2016 Collection, one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen so far, with colors in delicate nuances of peach and pink. I’m really amazed to see that this time I’m loving all, and I really mean it, all the nail polishes as the are sweet shades of lilac and pink followed by a black nail polish, just dreamy for me.


Discover a spring paradise of color – where the painted wings of butterflies dance like fluttering flowers on the sweet and gentle breeze.


International Launch Date – beginning January 2016

Japan Launch Date – 1 January 2016 Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Lip Balm for Fall 2015

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As the cold season approaches, Paul & Joe is releasing new Lip Balms, that will embrace your lips in a hydrating and moisturizing veil. The packaging is so cute and I’m currently using a similar lip balm from The Body Shop, he only downsize for me personally is that I have to apply the product with my finger so I only use it when I’m home.


Dip into this indulgent balm and treat your lips to rich moisture with a delicate whisper of scent!


Japan Launch Date – 1 October 2015 Continue Reading

Paul & Joe Holiday 2015 Makeup Sets

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Cats and makeup lovers will be thrilled to see the new Paul & Joe Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection (sneak peek photos). The brand is already famous for presenting its items in a super cute packaging but for this upcoming Christmas, it seems that we are invited to a masquerade ball where everyone should wear a cat mask. Take a look after the cut and discover Paul & Joe Chrstimas 2015 Makeup Sets.



Japan Launch Date – 1 November 2015 Continue Reading