Maybelline I’m an iced Angel Collection for Winter 2010

Hi Girls!

Maybelline will be releasing a new makeup collection for winter 2010 very soon. I’m an Iced Angel Collection will be available from December 2010 until January 2011 at department stores, drugstores and hypermarkets.

The products included in the new makeup collection are all Limited Edition so take a look at the photos and choose anything you like.

Happy moments and pleasant hours, the winter is almost here! I feel lighter than snow and shine the frozen north, I am ready to celebrate.

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Hello Kitty cookies at the Official Launch of Maybelline Hello Kitty Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

Hi Girls!

Would you care for some Hello Kitty sweets? I know I would. 🙂 They all look super cute and I’d bet they are also tasty. There is a small connection between these cookies and makeup. These photos were taken at the official launch of Maybelline Hello Kitty Collection for fall 2010.

I don’t wanna say anything about makeup in this post I will let you enjoy these photos.

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Maybelline Hello Kitty Collection for Fall 2010 – New Photos

Hi Girls!

Since I know many of you loved  Maybelline Hello Kitty Collection for fall 2010, I thought you will be happy to see more photos with the products from this collection.

All the products are already available so let’s check out together new photos from the official launching event that took place a while ago.

Just to remind you, Maybelline Hello Kitty Collection includes the new Hello Kitty Volume Express Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara, a product available in limited edition, and five Eye Color Palettes.

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Maybelline Hello Kitty Collection for Fall 2010

Well yeah, I still love Hello Kitty! When I’ve heard about these new products I had to write a post about them only because they have so cute packaging.

Maybelline Hello Kitty Collection might sound a little bit childish for some but I still fall for these things. 🙂

This collection will be available in Japan in a Limited Edition. Not all of them will be launch on the same date. Maybelline Hello Kitty Volume Express Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara is launched today 1 September 2010 and is expected to be sold out pretty fast.

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Maybelline I am a SunDiva Collection for Summer 2010

Maybelline the new look is all about the summer with its new collection I am a Sundiva! If you like warm bronze tones on cheek and lips and sun shine on your skin then you are ready to be the next Sundiva of this summer. 🙂

Maybelline I am a Sundiva summer 2010 collection will be available in e Limited Edition in drugstores and beauty shops from August till September 2010.

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Maybelline Jade Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

Maybelline wants to seduces us with colors of various summer fruits to get that seductive summer look with their latest collection, Jade.

Blackberries, raspberries and cherries combine their beautiful shades for a decent make-up with strong accents, such as “Smokey Eyes”.

Jade Collection is already available in drugstores shops all over the world.

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Declare war to acne with Avon, Clinique, Vichy, Garnier, Boots and Maybelline products

We all have those days when we woke up in the morning we look in the mirror and we discover a fresh new pimple. These situations don’t happened to me very often, but when they do they kind of kill my day. For these kind of problems and even for others acne problems more severe I found a strategy. Out there are products designed to help us defeat the acne problems, we just need to look for the good ones.

The other day I was reading a post about How to Treat Post-Acne Scarring and I decided to develop this idea and talk to you about all the products that I have tried concerning this problems. Let me know in your comments if you have any other ideas about products that can help us fight the acne and their scars and even those red spots or pimples.

Avon Solutions Plus Pure Pore - Fection Self - Foaming Cleanser

If we just keep some rules in mind and follow them we can diminish the apparition of pimples and win the war against acne. So here are some steps that helped me in those situations and I hope to be helpful for you too.

  • Don’t sleep with your makeup on! It’s essential that your skin is perfectly clean during the night. You can use a makeup remover product that also has antibacterial action, morning and evening.

My recommendation: Try the Solutions Plus Pure Pore – Fection Self – Foaming Cleanser from Avon ( 150 ml) with bamboos and bisabolol extracts. It’s an oil-free product that will give you a tingly clean feeling. Cleanses deep down to remove dirt and make-up, leaving skin feeling refreshed and energised.

  • Clean the pores! For this you will need a mask specially created to reduce and prevent the apparition of pimples and dark spots.

My recommendation: Use twice a week, Clinique Oil-Control Cleansing Mask (19,50 $ for 100 ml), the new acne solution. This clay-based mask will help heal your blemishes, prevent breakouts and also will keep your skin shine-free. This is a good mask to use even for those ladies who don’t have acne problems but have an oily skin like mine, because its medicated formula gives your skin a deep clean, unclog  pores and rid skin of excess oil. Anyway it’s a mask designed for all skin types so it can’t have undesirable effects on your skin. All the process takes me about 7 minutes, while I apply the mask evenly on my face ( avoiding the eye area), then I wait 5 minutes and after I rinse off thoroughly with warm water. My skin feels smoother and clearer after this. I also like it because it has an oil-free formula and it won’t irritate my skin.

Clinique Oil-Control Cleansing Mask

Another great facial mask that I love and I’m currently using is Clinique Turnaround – 15 Minute Facial mask, and you can check out my review for more details. Continue Reading

Rouge Bunny Rouge New Wine Red Modelling & Magnitude Mascara, Quartz Eyeliner & Blush

Hello sweeties!

Now since I’m all settled in my new place in London it’s about time to start sharing with you my thoughts and reviews about the products I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks (OK, maybe even months). 🙂 Rouge Bunny Rouge has released earlier two new wine red shades for their Modelling and Magnitude Mascaras. I now how a red mascara must sound like and I was a bit skeptical in trying them out myself in the beginning but wait until you’ll see those before and after photos and how flattering the wine red shade looks paired with my green eyes.

Where to buy:

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