Orly Halloween 2013 Collection – Info & Photos

Hello pretties!

This year’s Orly Halloween 2013 Collection will feature their usual 3 best-selling Orly shades and a new entry which is a shade from last’s year Orly Summer 2012 Feel The Vibe Collection (info & swatches). Orly’s Halloween nail polish collection has been featuring the same 3 shades every year but this year I’m happy to see they’ve included a new one, even though is also a repromote shade but since I worn this color last summer I will post a link to my review.



International Launch Date – 15 August 2013 @transdesign.com ($5.00 for a full size nail polish bottle)

Take a peek!

Orly Halloween 2013 Nail Polish Collection

Nail Lacquer – $8.50/ 45.00 lei for 18 ml/ .6 fl oz

  • Liquid Vinyl – black creme
  • Goth – black/silver glitter
  • Melt Your Popsicle – Review, Swatches & Long Lasting Test – fluorescent orange creme
  • Orange Punch – bright orange creme

Enjoy more photos…




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